Engagement Party Decorations

Engagement party decorations need not be elaborate or expensive. To announce the decision you have made to take your relationship to a more committed level, you can choose any level of party – casual, elegant or formal. By deciding to keep the engagement party simple and under a nominal budget, you would actually be saving more for a lavish wedding party.

DIY Engagement Party Decorations

One of the best ways to cut down your costs on your engagement party is to decide and do the decorations yourself. As it is going to be a small gathering, most probably in a more casual environment, it would not be a difficult task to pull together a do-it-yourself project. The very first step in this project would be picking a venue – your home, a small banquet hall or someone’s beautiful backyard could be the ideal choices.

The next step would be to decide on a theme of your choice. It could be anything from the most popular ideas to something that is meaningful to you as a couple. All your engagement party decorations will fit together and have their impact only if you have a definite theme. Based on this theme and the venue you can use the following items to pull together an awesome party,

  • Themed tablecloths
  • Color coordinated flowers
  • Romantic candles
  • Candy bowls
  • Twinkle lights
  • Message balloons
  • Handmade decorative elements

Handmade Engagement Party Decorations

Picture collages are very popular as decorations in such parties. Paper cut and glittered engagement rings are another popular choice. You can make paper garlands using love symbols like hearts, Xs and Os, man proposing, cupid, etc. Centerpieces are main parts of any party table decoration. From flower vases, floating candle bowls, lanterns, favors to balloons you can choose from many centerpiece ideas. For a small party, it would be easy to make all of these decorative elements. Otherwise, you could make some unique things and buy the rest from the party store.

The colors black and white are the popular color choices for engagement parties. You could make most of the engagement party decorations in these colors and compliment them occasionally with dashes of bright colors to add more fun to the otherwise too formal white and black look. The decorations should blend in, should not be overpowering and should not cause any distraction from the main event, i.e. celebrating the engaged couple.

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