Emo Makeup Ideas

Emo Makeup Ideas

Makeup has always been a very important factor in enhancing a woman’s beauty. Today, there are many different types of makeup products and makeup styles. Makeup is done for various reasons like, to highlight a particular feature of the face or just to look attractive and draw attention. 

One such style is the emo makeup that focuses on highlighting lips and eyes. This type of makeup is quite similar to Goth makeup and the punk look. Emo makeup basically focuses on highlighting the eyes and the color used is red for the lips and black for the eyes. The best thing about emo makeup is that it can be worn by girls and boys and can also be combined with Goth makeup.   

How to Apply Emo Makeup

  •  The first thing to start within the emo makeup is to powder the face for a pale look.
  • Then apply lots of mascara to your lashes in order to get a heavy look.
  •  To make the eyes look dark, apply black eyeliner on the upper and lower lids of both your eyes.
  • If possible go for liquid eyeliner as it is dark and easy to apply. If you want to go for any other dark  color other than black, you can also use charcoal grey, dark blue or forest green. This will give a  different look altogether.
  • After the eyeliner has dried, you can use some shimmery eye shadow of a different color like pink with grey eyeliner and red with black eyeliner. This is to highlight the eyes.
  • The art of applying this is from the lash line right up to the eyebrow; this has to also be applied under the lower eyelashes as well. You can also create your own design with these colors. 
  • Popular designs used are cats and flowers that enhance the shape of the eyes.
  • After this, add a lot of mascara, this is to give a little touch up to the eyes.
  • The next thing is to highlight the lips with a dark lipstick. Dark red is the color used in emo makeup. This will balance the look on the face without making the eyes look very dark. 
  • The use of blush is not advisable as it would draw away the attention from the lips and eyes.

Colors for Different Emo Makeup Ideas

Black is ‘’the’’ color used in an emo makeup. A few different types of colors used in emo makeup are:

MAC Eye Shadow: You can go for the Black Tied which is a midnight color with silver sparkles.

Benefit BADqal Lash Mascara: This mascara is very dark and adds a lot of volume to the eyelashes. It also gives a dramatic look to the eyes.

Rimmel London Lycra Wear 10+ Minerals: This will help to keep the color intact on your nails for a really long time.

Urban Decay Shadow: This will give a sharp look and you can go for an inky black color.

Philosophy Lip Shine: Any color with gloss looks dull. These glosses have a lot of shine and are also available in different colors.