Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Engagement is an important occasion in any individual’s life. An engagement ring grabs everyone’s attention during this moment of lifetime. Hence the ring has to be as special as the occasion itself. Diamonds are the stones preferred for an occasion as special as an engagement.

What are Emerald Cut Engagement Rings?

It is common knowledge that diamonds come in various shapes and cuts. Choosing the right cut of the diamond is as important as the shape itself. The cut is what determines the luster of a diamond.
Emerald cut engagement rings are crafted using long rectangular diamonds and have rounded corners. These rings have open-cut settings so that the brilliant flashes are visible. So, as a result the color variations and any irregularities are also easily noticed. Hence the diamonds for these rings are those with high clarity.

Why Choose an Emerald Cut Engagement Eing Over Others?

Emerald cut was originally designed to bring out the brilliance of emeralds. Later on it was adopted for other gemstones as well. Though this cut produces only 25 facets as compared to the 58 of the round cut diamond, still the longer lines that are a characteristic of the emerald cut bring out dramatic darts of light.

Emerald cut diamonds are originally of highest quality because the flashes depend on the clarity rather than the cuts. Round and princess cut diamond rings have the maximum sparkle, but are the most expensive too. In this light, an emerald cut diamond is the ideal choice of those who prefer less glittery jewellery.

The emerald cut engagement rings are invariably set in four prong style, accented by smaller side stones. This makes the ring look bigger and gorgeous; at the same time cost much less than a round or princess cut diamond of the same size.

Things to Consider While Choosing Emerald Cut Engagement Rrings

  • This style is for those who prefer non-flashy yet elegant diamonds.
  • When going for this style, take care to select the diamond that rates high on clarity and least on color (preferably colorless). 
  • As this is an unusual choice of ring, you might have to customize yours. Hence, choice of a good jeweler is very important while purchasing loose emerald cut diamond and having it set in the chosen style.
  • In short, there are hardly any disadvantages buying emerald cut engagement rings. They go well with both yellow and white gold and are as gorgeous in platinum too.

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