5 Effective Ways To know If You Are Overweight

You can’t say that everyone who looks plump or fatty is overweight. Many people look bigger than they weigh. Many also fall in overweight category though they don’t seem so. Thus, the appearance that is not counted to consider whether you are overweight or not.

It is very necessary to everyone to check the weight regularly as it plays vital role in bringing many of the complications. Hypertension, diabetes, some sort of cancers and heart diseases are few of the results which may arise due to overweight. Thus, planning to keep the weight in balance is really appreciable. Before planning, you must check few of the things that could tell you whether you are considered as overweight or not. This helps you to plan properly and accordingly to maintain your weight.

The scientific calculations can help you to get accurate information whether you are obese or not. This calculation considers your weight and height. The result of the calculation is called Body Mass Index (BMI).

BMI = weight/ (height x height)

If the weight is considered in kilo grams, then the height must be in meters. The result is considered as per the age. The BMI, for 18 to 34 years of age, above 25 is considered as overweight. For the people above 35 years of age, 27 points of BMI is considered as overweight.

5 Effective Ways To know If You Are Overweight

Apart from the scientific figures, there are other ways to know if you are overweight:

1. Feeling tired easily: Your higher BMI may be the reason in exhausting you easily. Your routine tasks are enough to tire you. Even the exercises to reduce the weight make you tired a lot.

2. Frequently hungry:  Even after eating enough food, soon you are feeling hungry – then you must consider it as one of the possible symptoms of overweight.  Poor food habits like eating junk and less nutritious food often leaves you hungry soon. Even the diabetic patients feel the same as both of the categories lack the sufficient insulin levels.

3. Couldn’t touch the toe: This is one of the common symptoms of over weighted people. As the fat accumulates at certain parts of the body like waist, hips, thighs and abdomen; it would be difficult to most of the over-weighted people to touch the toe easily and stay for a minute. If your waist size goes more than 35 inches, you must worry for being overweight.

4. Snoring: Snoring heavily is rather considered as one of the results of fat gain around the neck which could be noticed among the over weighted people. As the fat disturbs the way of the air that goes inside, the range of snoring goes high day by day. Even you may have disturbed sleep and may gain weight due to sleep deprivation.

5. Pains at back and knees: Due to the fat stagnated at different parts of the body, the back and knees start paining. The weight of the body falls on these particular parts that they start aching frequently due to the load. The pressure that falls on the joints may also make your movements uncomfortable and achy.