Edwardian Fashion History

Probably the only thing static inthe ever dynamic world of fashion is, change itself. History testifies thatfashion has always manifested the taste of the aristocrat, elite and regents.With every change in the governing power of a monarch there has always been a comprehensiveamount of change in fashion trends. After the onset of King Edward VII to theEnglish throne the fashion industry waves farewell to the Victorian era a freshtrend termed as the Edwardian Fashion unearthed.

Fashion ofEdwardian Era

The Edwardian era evolved into anew life in the fashion trends of United Kingdom. Victorian fashion manifesteda more formal code of attires and preferred darker shades and complex designs. Nonetheless,Edwardian fashion developed fresh ideology in the fashion world. It was a much neededchange and the people accepted it with wholeheartedly.

Bright ShadesBecame Popular

The Edwardian era fashion witnessedthe end of dark colors and the emergence of bright shades of pastels. Be it wallpapersand clothes everything was colored co-ordinate in light color. The evolution offloral patterns was yet another classic incorporation to the Edwardian era Fashion.

Sleeve PatternChanged

Women’s fashion envisioned thedemise of long sleeves. The heavy corsets of the Victorian era were modifiedinto health corsets of the Edwardian era. Dresses became fitter, tight fittingskirts and jackets were the fashion of the Edwardian time. Hips became voluptuousand chests fuller with the advent of the pigeon breast shape.

New Trend inWaist Pattern

Enlarged and narrow waists sloppingfrom the back to the front got new fashion trends. Skirts turned longer often draggingon the floor and followed by a train. Men’s shirt with high collars, shirtwaistgot a new identity in this era and it became a uniform for the working women.


New hats and belts were often complementedwith the Edwardian dresses. Ankle long skirts were seen in the last part of theEdwardian era and become an all time hit amongst women.

Edwardian Men Attire

Edwardian men were also verystylish in dressing themselves based on the latest fashion. Three piece attirescomposed of a sack coat with matching trousers and waist coat were worn withcontradicting color combinations. Waistcoats got higher on the chest andtrousers cut short in length and were often complemented with turn ups orcuffs.

Norfolk jackets and blazers was the most idealoutfit for outdoor activities. In winter knee or calf length overcoats stolethe show. Neckties were slender and bowties were the more popular ones forformal dressing. Top hats retained its selection as formal wear for the upperclass. Children’s dresses during Edwardian fashion were an exact replica of women’sand men’s dresses.

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