Eczema Home Remedies

If you have already tried lotions, creams, antibiotics etc and did not find these all that  effective, then its time that you should try some of the eczema natural home remedies. The more vital aspect of home treatments is to find out the treatment that works well for you. Nevertheless, it may take some time and effort, but in the long run you will be  benefitted with it.

There are many home remedies for eczema. These may include prescription drugs, herbal therapies, dietary changes and so forth. A fusion of prescription medicines with natural home remedies provides immediate relief from eczema's symptoms.

These home remedies are simple enough to follow and most of ingredients are available in the pharmacy. Such remedies are very easy to rely on.

Eczema Home Remedies

  • One of the ideal solutions to this trouble is moisturizing your body parts from inside and outside both. You can use a moisturizer say for example Vaseline for the skin from outside and take flax oil supplements for offering internal softness. You can also give a try to some other supplements that are rich on oil for ingestion.
  •  A great herbal component that has great anti-inflammatory components is turmeric. This product is considered to be one of the best eczema home treatment which is not that much known to several people. A paste of turmeric powder can be administered to the skin prior to bathing. Turmeric will leave a trace of yellow color on skin and clothes, so beware of this. Alternately you can have supplements containing turmeric also. Turmeric power can be mixed to some of the foods to offer a nice color and taste. All these techniques enable in fighting atopic dermatitis.
  • Another substance that has registered it presence in the list of good eczema home remedies is green tea. This tea has antioxidant properties which assist in cooling and soothing body. The soothing effect of green tea acts well to control atopic dermatitis.
  • Eating foods that bolster the immune system can also assists in treating atopic dermatitis.  Aloe Vera, Acai berry, almond, fish, and avocados catapult the immune system.
  • Yet another natural home remedy in controlling eczema is spearmint leaf juice. Grind spearmint and pestle and make a paste of it. You can apply this paste to the affected area directly or the paste can be diluted with water before applying.
  • Coconut oil is also used in getting relief from eczema. If the coconut oil is pure, it has moisturizing properties that assist in preventing the irritation from spreading and prohibit the skin from cracking. Simply apply this oil to the affected areas and witness immediate relief.
  • Vitamins A, B, and C play a crucial role in reproducing skin cells. Nevertheless, vitamins do not reduce the outbreaks they do help your skin repair much faster than normal. Vitamin-rich foods may encompass fresh fruits, oily fish, and fresh vegetables.
  • Camphor is also a great home remedy for eczema which is not widely known and used. Take one tablespoon of camphor and dilute it adding sandalwood and making a paste. Apply this paste on the irritating skin directly. This paste will offer you instant relief from the discomforts that eczema generates.
  • Mudpack can also be used in eczema affected parts and claimed to be of worth.
  • Sunbathing is an eczema natural remedy that eliminates harmful bacteria through its direct rays.
  • Water Therapy cold compress is also believed to be a great remedy for eczema.
  • Spearmint Leaf is also applied to reduce eczema.
  • Papaya Seeds are popular for its anti-itch formula which can be used in the powered or mashed form to the area of eczema.

Some Other Home Remedy Tips

  • Preventing your skin from getting dry by using mild soap and cleanser will certainly enable preventing eczema. 
  • More complete natural eczema therapies however emphasizes on the root cause of the disease than only its symptoms. Eliminating the cause would ultimately eliminate the disease. The most effective treatment of this is by eliminating the causes of eczema in the short and long term.
  • It is inexpensive and you can easily get the ingredients of these remedies in shops and even in your own backyard without prescription. They can also be facilitated in the comfort of your own home. In addition, the risks of side effects in natural home remedies are almost zero compared to manufactured medications which are more prone to having side effects on those who take it.


In the treatment of eczema or any disease of such nature, patience plays a crucial role. You should not anticipate that any treatment, most particularly the natural ones will be immediate, as eczema natural remedy effects are not witnessed overnight. You have to be patient enough to see for the results but the end result is pleasant.