Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms


Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms develops when the fetus is formed outside the womb in the woman’s body. It may form in the fallopian tube or the ovary or stomach area. The egg is fertilized in fallopian tube and it from there it is passed into uterus and it settles there. In rare cases only the fertilized egg is not passed and develops in some other areas where the baby cannot survive hence the pregnancy is terminated immediately. Such type of pregnancy is commonly called as Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms.

Several complications arise when an Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms is seemed to form for such emergency immediate medical treatment is necessary. The entire Medical staff including Doctors, Nurses etc are responsible for providing such care. The reasonable care includes some testing to know whether the pregnancy is Ectopic or not and according to the result the treatment to be done once the condition is known. In any case if this is not done and the patient is mistreated the medical practitioner is given a legal punishment.

The common complication that is seen due to an Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms is the rupturing of the body where the fertilized egg is present and this leads to lots of other condition to occur such as:

  • Body gets into shock condition which may be mental too.
  • The entire body can collapse and things can get out of control before treatment.
  • Extreme loss of blood is seen.
  • Loss of Fallopian tube that means no more pregnancy.
  • Death of the mother with the baby.

An Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms is easily detected in the 5th week of the pregnancy. With the help of proper monitoring and quick diagnose one can remove the fertilized cells at this early stage in order to avoid any further complication. If no care is taken in the early stage then as mentioned earlier severe complication may occur and the result may be the death of the patient.

Causes of Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms

The major reason for the occurrence of the Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms is the inability of the fertilized to travel from fallopian tube into uterus. The major reason for such inability is caused through the infection such as pelvic inflammatory disease or swelling in the uterus or in the fallopian tube that obstructs the passage of the fertilized egg.

Pelvic inflammatory disease creates a scar on the tissue of the fallopian tube which obstructs the transfer of the fertilized egg.

Another cause for the same in Tubal Surgery, woman who have undergone such operations are at a very high risk of having Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms as Tubal surgery includes Tubal Ligation or reversal of Sterilisation. Another reason is if the woman has already suffered from Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms and is trying for another than 10% to 20% chances are there of its reoccurrence.
Another cause is the smoking habit of the woman. The one who smoke will have higher chances of having Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms as smoking damages the fallopian tubes ability to transfer the fertilized egg into uterus.

Symptoms and after Effects of Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms

In most of the cases the symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms could be identified as the symptoms are similar to that of the normal pregnancy such as missed period and other such signs. It is after a few weeks that is may be after around 5 to 6 weeks the pain in different parts of the body is said to be observed. The pain may be in pelvis, abdomen or even in the shoulder or neck. Pain in Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms is usually described as sharp or kind of stabbing pain. It comes and goes and in a very high intensity.

Some of the Common Symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy are

  • Pain in abdomen or pelvis
  • Early signs of Pregnancy
  • Irregular bleeding in vagina
  • Dizziness and fainting

The after effect of Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms is having vomiting continuously and also getting unexplained Dizziness and fatigue.

The only remedy for Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms is that it can be destroyed at the initial stage through a drug methotrexate which will give very low side effects or it can be treated by surgery. But it has to be done at the early stages otherwise some severe consequences may occur.