Easy Pose Sukhasana


Sukhasana is considered to be the easiest meditation pose amongst all the yoga asanas. It is often recommended to those people who face great difficulty in crossing their legs and sitting for a longer period of time or also for those who have some kind of physical disability that makes your sitting cross legged uncomfortable. Also if you are suffering from Fibromyalgia or arthritis and you bear a lot of pain in your muscle and joints then the Easy pose or Sukhasana is considered to be the best remedy for your pain.

On the contrary, even if you do not have any kind of physical ailment when you have just started with the meditation, you might probably find yourself to be a bit stiff and will face a bit difficulty with the flexibility. The Easy pose or Sukhasana will not only help you in improving the flexibility of your body but it will also help you in increasing the circulation flow of your body. This is because the Sukhasana pose puts a very little pressure on your bones and muscles and it distributes your weight quiet evenly and widely in your entire body. Across the world the Easy pose or Sukhasana is considered to be the most comfortable meditation pose.

To get yourself doing Sukhasana pose you need to sit straight up. If you want you can use a cushion or mat. Next, you need to fold your legs in such a way that neither of the leg is directly crossed over the other. Now bend your legs at the knees like you need to sit cross legged but instead of directly crossing your legs you tuck one foot behind the other in a way that your heels and feet line up. You need to sit cross legged without actually crossing your legs.

Sukhasana: Procedure, Benefits & Caution

Procedure for Sukhasana

There are several instructions given for each and every yoga posture as to how to practice the same. But we need to keep one thing in our mind, that is, to get the maximum benefit from the yoga asana we need to do it the right way otherwise we might end up creating some complication for ourselves.

Instruction for Easy pose or Sukhasana

  • Sit on the floor or you can use a mat or cushion. Sit straight up and extend your legs in front of you.

  • Now fold a blanket and position it under your sitting bones in such a way that your hips get higher than your knees.

  • Further cross your legs and bring your knees as close to the floor as possible or as much you can bring it forth.

  • Take in deep breath and align your back properly. Imagine that your spine is a straight line and it ends in the crown of your head.

  • Now spread your shoulders wide and breathe into your back.

  • Hold yourself in the same posture for about 2 to 3 minutes and then slowly release yourself by taking deep breath in and out and straightening your legs again.

Benefits of Easy Pose or Sukhasana

  • It is always advised and suggested that if you do the yoga posture according to the instruction given. you will gain a number of benefits from it. The benefits you get from the Easy pose are:

  • As the name suggest it is the easiest pose and it can be practiced by each and everyone.

  • This asana helps you in the relaxation of your mind, body and heart.

  • In this posture you should assume for sitting which helps you in relieving your back pain.


The only thing you need to keep in mind while doing any kind of pose or posture even if you do Sukhasana or Easy pose that you need to be comfortable with the same and also you do not encounter any kind of risk for your health while practicing the same. It is also advisable for you to consult your physiotherapist before trying for the same. You should avoid Easy pose or Sukhasana if you have severe knee pain as it may get increased with the same.