What is EAS Betagen Uses of Bodybuilding Supplement

Introduction About EAS Betagen

EAS Betagen is a hormone stimulating drug which improves muscle strength and weight. EAS Betagen has some vital ingredients like HMB, Vitamin B Complex, phospagen creatine, Taurine, glutamine, dextrose and other important vitamins among other important elements.

Benefits of EAS Betagen Supplement

The benefits of EAS Betagen are as follows:

  • EAS Betagen enhances muscle mass and metabolism.

  • EAS Betagen intake also helps in increasing body strength and endurance.

  • It also increases water intake and enhances body metabolism and deceases body fat.

  • It enhances endurance level of muscle tissues and strengthens them, making them more resistant to wear and tear.

  • It also helps increase body weight.

  • It enhances efficiency of your workouts and increases your performance.

  • It boosts lean mass and strength.

  • It also helps prevent muscle loss which occurs when you are cutting down on calories.

Who can benefit from taking EAS Betagen

EAS Betagen is beneficial for body builder and athletes who needs physical strength. It is also beneficial for beginners in body building since it is known to stimulate hormones and gives strength to the  muscles.

Side Effects of EAS Betagen Supplement

As such EAS Betagen has no side effects but few people complains of kidney and lever stress. This is mainly because EAS Betagen causes too much of water consumption. Pregnant women and people suffering from kidney and liver problems should not consume EAS Betagen as a precaution.

Dosage of EAS Betagen Supplement

There are numerous brands available in the market and dosages are prescribed on the package based on the ingredients composition. It is advisable to take dosages of EAS Betagen as prescribed on the package. It is always recommended to consult your doctor before starting EAS Betagen intake. Also, you should report any side effects to your doctor immediately, if it has started after EAS Betagen intake even if you believe that is it not because of EAS Betagen.

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