Early Pregnancy Cramps

While a woman is pregnant she experiences many types of psychological and physical changes. Some women handle these changes very easily while some face lots of trouble in adjusting to these changes. For example not all pregnant women go through the experience of morning sickness or the nausea and vomiting but there are some who have a very bad experience of the nausea and vomiting during the first trimester of their pregnancy. Similarly there are some women who experience early pregnancy cramps. 

Early pregnancy cramps are not much of a problem as this is one of the changes during pregnancy. Though it is considered to be a normal sign of pregnancy but it should not be taken for granted for any chance. This may also be sign or symptom of miscarriage. If the abdominal cramp becomes intense and along with it if you see vaginal bleeding then you must visit a doctor immediately otherwise you might even have an abortion. 

There are different causes of early pregnancy cramps. Some of them are listed here:

  • Some time the cramps may be experienced when the implantation happens.

  • Another cause is that when the uterus of the pregnant woman changes like stretching to accommodate the growing foetus at that time also cramps may be experienced. 

  • Hormonal changes may also make way for experiencing cramps. 

  • Due to the increase of hormones they affect the digestive system which causes gas formation and constipation which also causes cramping. 

When a women experience early pregnancy cramps and if it is not causing much discomfort then you don’t need to take any kind of medication. It is very necessary for you to know the thumb rule of pregnancy that you are not supposed to take any kind of medication without the consultation and prescription of your obstetrician. The reason behind this rule is obvious, as drugs may have some teratogenic effect on the unborn baby and it may develop some abnormalities. 

Early Pregnancy Cramps

Cramps during early pregnancy is a normal experience but still you need to be vigilant about the same as early pregnancy cramps signs may be the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy, intestinal virus disease, kidney disorders or any internal disorders that may be located in your abdomen. It will be safe for you to have regular parental check up and go through laboratory test as prescribed by your obstetrician. 

The first few week of pregnancy is considered to be very exciting for a new mother but at the same it is full of worries. As some of the signs of miscarriage and normal pregnancy are similar thus it is understandable as to why the woman is stressful in her pregnancy. One thing that is very common in the normal pregnancy is early pregnancy cramp. It may start immediately after the ovulation and may also continue throughout the first part of a woman’s pregnancy.  

Early pregnancy cramps is not painful but is requires stronger medication than Tylenol. If the cramping is frequent or severe and if the cramping accompanies with vaginal bleeding or spotting then you should contact your doctor or a specialist immediately.