Safest Methods for Ear Hair Removal

Ear hair removal is something which you do not hear quite commonly but excess ear hair can become very irritating. Ear hair growth is attributed to age related hormonal changes and is mainly found in men though some females may face ear hair problem. The fact is that all ears have light hair growth and it is necessary to keep away the air pollutants, bacteria and germs from entering your ear. The problem arises when due to aging the ear hair grows dark, thick and noticeable. Too much hair growth can also lead to hearing problem. Now the question is how to get rid of unwanted ear hair? There are few methods which one can follow as given below:

  1. Shaving is the most inexpensive method to get rid of ear hair but is risky since there is a high possibility that you may get a cut. Ear lobes are delicate and tender and hence need practiced hands for manual razor shaving. Using razors you need to shave often since hair will grow back in a day or two.

  2. Electric hair trimmer is another alternative. You can get these electric trimmers (nasal or ear trimmers) from the market and are quite safe. It has greater reach compared to manual razors and there are no chances of cut.

  3. There are few chemicals available in the market which can melt the hair. However, before trying these chemicals make sure you consult your dermatologist since your skin may react unfavorably to these chemicals and also make sure that these chemical do not go near to inner ear.

  4. Laser treatment is the most expensive but best and safest option for permanently removing ear hair.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get rid of those unwanted hair.