Dry Skin Home Remedies

Dry Skin Home Remedies

Dry, flaky skin is not an ailment but it's a condition which is caused due to lack of moisture or water in the epidermis (the outermost layer of skin.) The epidermis is made of tissue basically containing sulfur-having fibrous proteins termed as keratin, the same chemical is present in hair and nails. Keratin requires water to keep it moist and pliant. When moisture vanishes faster than usual, it results in dry, itchy skin.

Just have an example what happens when you take a soft fresh slice of bread and put it in the toaster for one minutes. The heat evaporates the moisture and the bread converts into dry, hard and crumbly.

A very general misconception is that the dryness is due to lack of oil in the skin. This is untrue. It is water that the skin is in need of and the remedy is to consume that water in the right quantity.

Easy Home Remedies for Dry Skin

Dry skin needs right attention and proper cure as it is vulnerable to wrinkles and the condition may worsens with change in weather conditions. It is advisable to try out simple natural home remedies to combat this condition which has long term effects compared to the branded skin lotions that are widely available in market.

  • Lower the thermostat. Keep the air somewhat cooler by turning the thermostat low by a notch or two. Imagine of the dry, parched hot desert floor as opposed to the smooth, flexible soil of the forest. Just like the ground we stroll on, skin reacts better to cooler situations.
  • You can also facilitate a humidifier. Place humidifiers all throughout the house, particularly in bedrooms. If you don't have a humidifier, place a pot of water on the woodstove.
  • Plant more plants. A healthy and fresh dose of plants in every room will enable you to retain moisture in the air, but don’t forget to water them daily.
  • Take bath. In place of taking shower every day, rejuvenate your skin by getting a few minutes soaking in slightly hot water regularly or every other day or at least twice a week. Don't over-soak or facilitate hot water. A simple fifteen minute bath can also recreate the magic. 
  • Use mild soap. Not all soaps have the same components and some are much stronger than others. Some of them have lye, which can have adverse effect on dry or sensitive skin. Using a brand containing lanolin, cold cream or cocoa butter will assist reducing dryness.
  • Moisturize your skin. Use a moisturizing lotion to retain the water in. First, pat dry with a clean, soft towel. Don't scrub as this is only going to irritate dry skin. Then administer a moisturizer. Although almost all lotions will work just fine for retaining the water, the most effective of all moisturizers are a component termed as humectants, which contains alpha hydroxyl acids. It enables the skin to maintain moisture.
  • Don’t forget to take your omegas. Adding the essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 into the cell membranes is also effective in combating dry skin. These can be found in seeds and nuts as well as the oils of sunflower, soybean, and evening primrose.
  • Enjoy the sunshine. Get out there and play in the snow but ensure to wrap your skin with the right clothing and use suntan lotion and lip balm on exposed areas. Sunshine enables the body to convert Vitamin D, and physical activities helps to regulate the blood throughout the body. Good circulation is vital to good health.
  • Just remember retaining the water in the body is the most effective treatment. By using the above-mentioned treatments to our regular and weekly schedules, you'll not only protect your skin from premature wrinkling, but you'll also breath fresher and cleaner air and you'll save money as well in lower heating costs.
  • Massage of olive oil and almond oil daily on the face and other body parts daily prior to going to bed regain some of the lost glow of the skin.
  • Administration of a mashed banana on the neck and face is one of the natural remedies for this condition.
  • Dry skin can also be treated by massaging the body with grape seed oil.
  • The lips can be massaged with the milk cream to reduce its dryness.
  • Trying avocado oil and castor oil in the event of severe dryness is greatly effective than other remedies.
  • Nutritional supplements in the form of fruits and vegetables enriched with Vitamin must be incorporated in the daily diet.
  • Foods rich in omega -3 fatty acids such as salmon, tuna etc. can also help in retaining the oil of the skin.
  • Drinking sufficient water throughout the day keeps the skin supple.
  • Exercise assists in enhancing blood circulation that helps in cutting down dryness of the skin.
  • Alcohol-free oil based moisturizers of eminent brand must be facilitated and applied instantly after the shower.