Dry Scalp Home Remedies

The scalp produces a fatty lubricant called sebum that provides moisturizer to the hair and scalp. Production of sebum is not equal in amount for every individual. This amount even varies from time to time in your life period. Your scalp becomes dry, normal or oily depending on the amount of sebum you produce. Use of commercial shampoos, hair conditioners, solutions or creams available in the market for curling or straightening of hair choke the channel of the sebaceous gland and block the release of sebum. The chemicals in these solutions make the scalp dry and later it becomes itchy.  This is a common symptom seen in both men and women and you can get rid of dry scalp with help of dry scalp home remedies.

Natural Shampoo

Regularly use natural shampoo that does not have chemical preservatives or sulfates. Chemical preservatives and sulfates reduce the   production of sebum by clogging the hair follicles and skin pores. Carefully go through the list of ingredients displayed on the label of the shampoo bottle. Sometimes the products with a label of ‘natural’ contain chemical and sulfates.


Massage the scalp well for two minutes regularly. Use tips of your finger while massaging. Get more benefit of massaging with stimulating scalp oil. Even you can prepare a hair oil of your own by mixing one ounce (oz.) of almond oil, three drops of lavender oil, three drops of vitamin E oil and few drops of vitamin B oil. Before massaging apply four drops of this oil to your scalp. 


Condition your hair deeply with olive oil once in a week. Take olive oil as per your requirement. Heat it till warm. Soothingly massage the oil on your scalp. Leave it for around half an hour before washing.

Conditioning your hair with apple cider vinegar could be helpful in providing moisturizer to your scalp. Mix two tablespoon of apple cider with one cup of water. After rinsing the shampoo from your hair apply diluted apple cider to your scalp and do not rinse it from the hair. It may smell a little when the hair is soggy. But once your hair gets dried up, the smell will be dissipated. Apple cider vinegar is antibacterial. It moistens your scalp and leaves the hair healthy and shiny.

Aloe Vera Juice

Apply one table-spoon of aloe vera juice to the scalp to moisten your scalp. Repeat the procedure if needed. The aloe vera juice is available in any local health food shop. But you have to buy the aloe vera juice without sugar added to it.


Prepare a diet chart that is rich in vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. This will help you in the scalp and skin from within. Almonds, sunflower seeds, blueberries and tomatoes are rich in vitamin E and strawberries, flax seeds, dried oregano, broccoli and halibut have more amounts omega-3 fatty acids in them.

Vinegar or Lemon Juice

After rinsing your hair with mild shampoo, apply vinegar or lemon juice at the time of last rinse. This will allow sebaceous glands in providing moisturizer to your scalp.