Dry Lens Syndrome

Dry Lens Syndrome


Dry lens is a condition of eye where it is not able to lubricate the eye ball properly due to lack of tears. It is very important for the eyes to be moist as it helps the eye ball to move smoothly. The lens of our eyes is a very delicate part, without proper lubrication the eye ball may be very rigid in moving which causes other complications. Tears are also very good protective agents. When an alien particle enters into our eyes, the eyes secrete water so that the particle is washed out along with the tears. 

How do you know its Dry Lens Syndrome

Dry lens is also termed as Dry Eyes Syndrome. The eyes lack tears in them which causes irritation and redness of the eyes. Tears are a very important function of the eyes. They have a lot more importance than just expressing your sad emotions. Extensive dryness in the eyes is not good for the health of your eyes. Some of the vital symptoms for dry lens are –

  • There is a constant irritation in your eyes. People experience foreign particle in their eyes all the time. 
  • The eyes do not have enough tears. There is lot of dryness in the eyes which can be experienced by the person suffering from the syndrome.
  • The eyes are easily strained and you feel weak in your eyes. 
  • There is inflammation which is experienced on the upper layer of your eyes. The tissue of your eyes swells because of strain and dryness. 

Causes of Dry Lens Syndrome

The causes of dry lens syndrome can be many. There are various factors which effect the lubrication of your eyes. The following factors can be the causes of dry lens syndrome. 

  • People may acquire this syndrome because of long hours on computer. The strain will make your eyes weak and dry. Working on computer will prevent your eyes from blinking. This will lead to improper lubrication of your eyes.
  • It can be caused due to aging also. As the person becomes old he loses the ability to produce tears which cause dry eyes syndrome.
  • Sometimes the surroundings also play a vital part in affecting your eyes. If the climate you are staying is dusty, windy or dry, there is a possibility to get dry eyes syndrome.
  • Wearing contact lenses for a long period will also cause dry eyes syndrome. The artificial lenses absorb most of the tears which will leave no tears for your natural lens. 
  • Some of the medication which is prescribed have possible side effect of dry eyes. Medication for birth-control, depression or arthritis may cause dry eyes syndrome.
  • Fever or any other ailment which deals with dehydration will also cause dry eyes syndrome.

Treatment for Dry Eyes Syndrome

There are treatments for almost all kinds of ailments suffered by human body. Dry eyes syndrome also has some simple medical procedures which will cure you. Opticians have researched and come up with specialized treatments which will help you in curing this particular syndrome. Though there is no permanent cure for this, the symptoms can be cured from time to time. One can also avoid the relapse of the symptoms by taking proper measures. Some of the simple steps to prevent dry eyes syndrome are given below.

  • By applying artificial tears one can lubricate their eyes.
  • Proper eye exercise should be done to strengthen your eye muscles. This will help you avoid dryness in your eyes. 
  • Drink lot of water so that there is enough water in the body for all purposes. The eyes can generate tears only if there is enough water in the body.
  • Use sunglasses so that you can protect your eyes from dust and sun. Avoiding dust particles entering your eyes will help you from keeping them dry. 
  • Use cucumber after you had a long day on the computer to cool your eyes. Cucumber has a cooling affect on your eyes which will help the lubrication of your eyes.