Dramatic Makeup: Add that Oomph to your Look

Makeup is something that is worn by every woman. There are different types of makeup that suit different occasions. It is good to try different styles that can change your mood. If you are a person who likes to try different styles of makeup, then you can go for a dramatic makeup. It’s really good to look different and interesting once in a while. Follow a few tips on dramatic makeup and see yourself looking stunning and different.

Steps for Dramatic Makeup

Step1- Before you start your makeup, make sure you wash your face with a gentle face wash. Dab it dry with a soft cloth and apply some moisturizer if required. Women with oily skin can use a facial toner as this would balance the excess shine on the face. A toner should be used after washing but before applying the moisturizer.
Step 2- The next step is to apply a concealer before starting with the eye makeup. A concealer helps in covering the dark circles, blemishes and under eye bags. You can then use a foundation and a highlighting powder but make sure all these blend well.
Step 3- When it comes to a dramatic makeup, there are three colors of eye shadow that are used. The first shade is white, which is a very light cream, the second shade is a medium tone and the third is a very dark shade. These three colors give an in-depth for a dramatic look.
Step 4- Start with applying the white cream eye shadow that has a tint of shimmer in it. Gentle spread it on the upper eyelid and gradually move towards your eyebrows. Then, with a soft brush apply some shimmer powder on the lower eyelid starting from the inner corner of your eye and moving it outwards. Make sure it is not very close to your eyes as this may later cause irritation.
Step 5- Choose a dark eyeliner, it can be a pencil or a liquid one. Now to get a cat-like dramatic look, start applying the eyeliner from the inner corner of your eye moving outward in an upward direction. The eyeliner should be close to your eye lashes. Apply in the same way on your lower eye lashes.
Step 6- The next step is to apply some mascara. Mascara is the most important beauty accessory used in a dramatic makeup. It is available in two colors- black and brown. When applying the mascara, move the brush inside to out curling it upwards. Allow it to dry and then with a liner pencil darken your eyebrows.
Step 7- With a blush; add some color to your cheekbones. Choose a color that looks natural and goes well with your skin tone. A very basic rule to remember, the lighter your skin tone the darker the blush should be. Make sure to blend it well for a natural look.
Step 8- Complete your dramatic makeup with a lip gloss with shimmer. Go for a natural color that suits your lips.