Does Lack Of Sleep Lead To Weight Gain?

Weight gain is one of the major health problems that most of the people suffering from. People think that intake of excess food or intake of unhealthy food or less physical exercises are the only reasons for the weight gain. But apart from all of these three, there are several other issues which contribute the weight gain.

One of the other factors that lead to weight gain is lack of sleep. Experts had proven with evidences that the lack of sleep results heavy weight gain. Every age group has different span of sleep time. The people between the age group 20 to 40 needs at least seven hours sleep which can be nine hours maximum. Old people needs seven to nine hours sleep. When the sleeping hours fall below seven, continuously, can be considered as lack of sleep.


The following are the results of the sleep deprivation that could help in getting obesity.

1. Low energy levels: As the sleep deprivation lets your body no enough time to raise the energy levels, the body feels week. Most of the people supplement with junk food like chips or sweets to improve the energy levels.

2. No ability to exercise: The drowsiness and low energy levels won’t let you do exercise. This increases the storage of fat around the body and leads to weight gain

3. Health issues: It was discovered that lack of sleeps decreases the responding ability of fat cells to the hormones like insulin. These hormones play vital role in the regularization of energy storage. The reduction of ability also increases the consumption of the food which also leads to the weight gain.

4. Intake of tea and coffee: This is the common activity by majority of the people to take tea or coffee to get rid of the drowsiness. This may provide the ability to fight with the sleep but also gives you sufficient obesity factors.

5. Long naps in the day time: The lack of sleep at nights forces to sleep during the day. This increases the weight as the time that is meant to burn the calories is allotted to store the calories, instead. This also disturbs the diet and leads once again to the weight gain.

The reasons for the sleep deprivation may be many. Work tension, lack of time, improper night diet and mental stress may be the reasons of the problem. You must check whether any of these are the reason for the lack of sleep and take precautions. Few of the suggestions are:

Work tension and mental stress: Try to leave the work tension at office. If not possible, try to meditate for a while before the sleep.

Improper Night diet: Spicy food or heavy food disturbs the sleep of many of the people. This also improves the unnecessary calorie storage. Thus, light and soft food is suggested during the nights

Though weight doesn't get reduced by sleeping well, it is sure that weight get increased by not sleeping well. So, those who wish to reduce the weight should have sufficient sleep.