Do Doctors Believe Transplantation Is Necessary?

Do doctors believe transplantation is necessary?


Transplantation of organs has been done since the early 1900s. When a vital organ of a person becomes unusable, transplantation is recommended. Organ transplantation is not controlled by the FDA due to the complexity of the issue which can only be evaluated by a qualified medical practitioner and the fact that the requirements may vary from case to case.


Based on the extent of damage to an organ, the doctor may recommend a transplant. Doctors do believe in organ transplant if it is to be done to save the life of the patient. Objection from doctors regarding organ transplant is not whether or not it should be done but rather how it should be done and the laws which govern transplantation which are outdated and need to be amended. It has been estimated that over 5,000 patients die each year due to non-availability of organ donors.