DMAE Nutritional Supplement

DMAE Supplement Info

DMAE is a naturally found nutrient available in high quantity in the bodies of fish like salmon and sardines. The human brain also carries a small quantity of DMAE within it which allows the brain to execute several crucial functions.

Benefits of DMAESupplement

There are several benefits of DMAE intake which have been tested through multiple researches. A few of them include:

  • Enhanced life span. A few animal studies indicate a lengthier life span than usual life, although, reports are inconclusive currently since different animals and birds manifest varied results.

  • One of the benefits of DMAE is it can diminish or prevent DNA damage.

  • DMAE increases brain activity.

  • It enhances potential to combat environmental stressors. Being an antioxidant, DMAE can deactivate free-radicals produced by environmental polluters like automobile exhaust, smoke cigarette smoke, radiation, etc.

  • It catapults the body's potential to handle dietary stressors. DMAE destroys the free-radicals which are resultant of these fats.

  • It is helpful in preventing and treating cardiovascular disorders. Scientific studies have proven DMAE's ability to handle degenerative disorders like cardiovascular problems.

  • It is instrumental in increasing the functioning of the immune system.

  • It is good in alleviating behavioral problems. Hyperactivity related to Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), decreased aggression, enhanced attention span, improved learning potential, and often accentuated intelligence.

  • It helps increase attention duration. After 42 days of DMAE supplement student’s concentration at lectures and during examinations have visibly increased.

  • DMAE is beneficial in improving memory, learning, innovativeness, and verbal fluency.

  • It diminishes incidences and seriousness of hangovers in those people who ingest excessive quantity of alcohol.

  • It increases energy. Subjective reports show enhanced energy, often assumed to be a cause of reduction in depression and  triggering of the central nervous system.

  • It cuts down apathy. Some studies show enhanced motivation along with energy level that decrease apathetic attitudes and anxiety.

  • It improves mental and behavior activity in children with Down's Syndrome.

  • It also provides positive effects on chronic dyskinesias which is a result of prolinged use of prominent tranquilizers.

  • It cuts down sleep requirements. A decrease of one hour was observed after 6 weeks of DMAE use and sleep was said to be more sound and refreshing.

  • It enhances lucid dreaming.

  • It diminishes age lipofuscin - age spots.

Side Effects of DMAE Supplement

A majority of people ingest DMAE in the form of a tablet, some have shown side effect. People suffering from Alzheimer's have felt drowsiness, confusion and high blood pressure. DMAE can also lead to headaches, irritability and stiff muscles. Insomnia, weight loss, and lucid dreams are also reported as some of the side effects.

There have not been found any side effects when DMAE cream or lotion is applied. However, extensive study is yet to be carried out on topical DMAE.

Recommended Doses

Usually, dosages of 100-300 mg a day are recommended in two different doses along with meals. While the ideal dosage has not yet been found, it is believed that doses of less than 100mg per day do not show any virtual effects on human activity or memory. If the dose of 400mg per day is taken it can lead to improvement in alertness and mental powers.