Different Versions of Flip Hairstyle

Flip hairstyles have been popular since decades and have now come back.

Nonetheless, Mary's signature flip hairstyle has survived for decades and continues to be considered as a popular flip hairstyle.  Barbra Streisand, Cathy Moriarity, and also First Lady Hillary Clinton have flaunted the latest version of the flip.

The Flip Hairstyle Of The 30s Ala Katherine Hepburn

Nonetheless she made it popular the flip hairstyle was not virtually initiated by Mary Tyler Moore. Katherine Hepburn was seen with a flip hairstyle quite identical to that of Jenna Elfman’s flip hairstyle which she wore in the 1930s. 

The Beauty Queen Flip Hairstyle

Delta Burke flaunted a well defined shoulder long flip hairstyle for her accolade as Miss Florida and Miss All-American Girl in the year 1974.  

Delta's style of the flip was a bouncy and less vibrant than Mary Tyler Moore's style.  But Delta’s flip hairstyle was packed with heavily facilitated hair spray.  
Delta might have acquired her version of the flip hairstyle after either resting under a hood dryer packed with curlers or from huge round of backcombing which was immensely prevalent in the 70s.

Yet another popular beauty pageant was Cybill Shepard who was crowned as Miss Teenage Memphis in 1964.  

Flip hairstyle of Cybill which was popular as 60s version is immensely decent, elegant and soft and the ends are less curled compared to Delta's 1974 version.
It is remarkable that Cybill and Delta both flaunted their flipped hairstyles to their shoulders.  While Delta opted to wear her hair entirely away from her face, Cybill choose a flattering side part.  It is quite noticeable that even in the late 90s several beauty contestants kept embracing their own unique version of the flip hairstyle for their complete look.  The flip works as it can be done up, down or even adjusted to suite just look or event.

Jenna Elfman's 90s Version Of The Flip Hairstyle

What is more appealing is that Jenna Elfman, the very brilliant half of Dharma and Greg, is occasionally seen with her own version of the flip hairstyle.
Mary and Jenna both played the wacky, but appealing wife. It seems that only Jenna is fitting in role as comedy wife and could look so great in her own version of the flip.  

Though Mary's flip hairstyle was related with a sprays and was combed backwards, the flip for 2000 is mostly topped by soft and sleek hair.  Helmet head has lost its relevance and the emphasis is on hair that is soft, touchable and well styled.  

Individuality is also the ore of flip hairstyles in 2000.  So while a flip hairstyle is a timeless style, for 2000 the key is to develop your very own exclusive style.

Jenna is the best exemplification of wearing trendy but extremely individualistic flip hairstyle with her soft decent shiny locks endorsed by a gradual but soft flip on either side.


The Flip Hairstyle - A Timeless Hairstyle

Why this flip hairstyle is so popular? Because it is very flattering and it is timeless. The flip hairstyle instantly offers any face an elevated look. Jessica Alba of TV's Angel show flaunted a very soft flip in the photo to the right when she was photographed in late 1999. 

A soft flip similar to Jessica's can be formed using a vent brush along with blow dryer.  Use a little gel of molding wax to help get the quantity of flip that is desired. In Jessica's case her flip is extremely decent and not actually as defined as Jenna's.

The beauty of flip hairstyle is that everyone can wear the flip from small kids to people in their fifties or sixties.  The core is to find the most flattering flip for your hair type and your face type. 

Jodie Foster's Decent Version Of The Flip Hairstyle

As Jodie Foster manifests with her flip above, the appearance can be facilitated as a dressy style.  The photo of Jodie was snapped in the late 90s.

Jodie was photographed with her own version of flip hairstyle for a special awards ceremony where she appeared gorgeous in a diamond necklace, diamond earrings and a mesmerizing black Armani gown.

The flip fits Jodie who is the core of style, self confidence and sophisticated good looks.

Hair Hints What You Should Wear

Most people will look gorgeous with a flip hairstyle that ends somewhere between the neck and the ears.  Longer flips are difficult to maintain and more vulnerable to drooping.  This will pull the face down giving it a feel of long face