The Different Types of Yoga Techniques

The Different Types of Yoga Techniques


Nowadays, more and more people are turning to practice Yoga for the benefits. Yoga inflicts on mind, health and vitality are innumerable. There are lots of exercises and varied Yoga techniques with different and powerful benefits associated with each one of them. Practicing the Yoga techniques help in maintaining a balance in the physical and mental health. Thus, millions of people have seen an improvement in their physical life with the practice of Yoga. 

Benefits of Yoga Techniques

The different Yoga techniques and the exercises help in strengthening the in-built immune system of the body, hence protecting it from lots of diseases while making the body flexible and keeping it strong. The Yoga techniques also aid in improving the mental stability and mental concentration. The balanced exercise techniques and breathing exercises take care of the overall health of the body and mind.

Different Types of Yoga Techniques

There are hundreds of Yoga asanas and postures which are very hard to be listed accurately. However, they are categorized under different techniques which aim at the well being of specific parts of the body. The main aim of these Yoga techniques is to strike a harmony between the mind, body and the soul. Here is a list of the major Yoga techniques:

  1. Seating Yoga Technique – This is however comparatively easier than the other Yoga techniques. That’s why someone who has begun his venture to master the art of Yoga asanas starts with the seating Yoga techniques first. In sitting position, a lot of concentration is given to breathing exercises. Flexibility of body parts like arms and legs are very important while practicing seating Yoga technique. In sitting Yoga technique, one has to sit cross-legged on the mat, relax and do breathing exercises.
  2. Standing Yoga Technique – After seating Yoga technique, the next in hierarchy is the standing Yoga technique. This is harder than seating Yoga technique and focuses the improvement of the flexibility of the spinal column. Standing Yoga techniques are beneficial for the flexibility of arms, legs and back.
  3. Supine Yoga Technique - Supine Yoga technique is of immense benefit for the back. This Yoga technique gives strength to the spinal column and also helps in making it flexible. The supine Yoga technique is also a great way of releasing stress as well as increasing the flexibility of the body.
  4. Belly Down Yoga Technique – This Yoga technique strengthens the lower back and the abs region. However, it is an easier technique than other Yoga techniques.
  5. Balancing Yoga Technique - Balancing Yoga technique helps in building up the flexibility and the balancing ability of the body. What’s more, this Yoga technique is great for improving the memory and concentration power as during the practice of these types of Yogas, the eyes should be kept focused in a specific direction which is an exercise for concentration.
  6. Twisting Yoga Technique - Twisting Yoga technique is superb for increasing the flexibility of the body. Twisting Yoga technique is very beneficial for lengthening the spinal column and exercise of the back muscles.