DHEA Herbal Supplement

DHEA Herbal Supplement


DHEA Supplement Info

DHEA is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands which are located just above the kidneys. DHEA is the hormone which breaks down in the body, as testosterone in men and estrogen in women. DHEA is the most abundant circulating steroid linked to mortality rate in human beings.

Benefits of DHEA Supplement

DHEA is essential in maintaining the function of brain cells. Neurologist say DHEA slows down the progression of Alzheimer’s and other degenerative memory disorders that come with old age. DHEA is believed to enhance long-term memory. In 2005, DHEA was used to treat female infertility.

The hormone acts on the chromosomal integrity of eggs, thereby creating healthier embryos, thus increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy. DHEA restores the required oxidative balance in diabetic patients. Effective for weight loss and decreasing symptoms of menopause, DHEA helps boost the immune system.HIV patients use DHEA to ease depression and fatigue. Its other benefits are:

  • Improves overall immune system

  • Heightens ability to cope with stressful events

  • Elevates mood

  • Feeling of well-being

  • Decreases fat tissue

  • Energy levels are raised

  • Give the body a toned and lean look

  • Concentration is improved

  • Restorative sleep

  • Muscle strength and physical mobility are increased

Side Effects of DHEA Supplement

 DHEA has irreversible side effects

  • Serious cardiovascular effects such as heart palpitations

  • Women may develop facial hair and menstrual cycle can be affected 

  • DHEA decreases levels of HDL or good cholesterol which has resulted in the increase of heart disease in women

  • DHEA pills increase testosterone levels which could stimulate the growth of a tiny prostate tumor in men

  •  Prostate enlargement in men makes urination difficult if DHEA is taken in excess dosages

Recommended dosage of DHEA Supplement

  • Osteoporosis: Daily dosage of 50-100 mg is recommended for improving bone mineral density

  • Erectile dysfunction in men: Daily dosage of 50 mg

  • Postmenopausal women: Daily dosage of 25-50 mg

  • Androgen deficiency: Daily dosage of 25-50 mg given for hormones replacement