How To Design Your Dream Home

Almost every one of us have an idea of what type of a house we would like to live in and what we won't like in our house. Every time one of us visit a friend's house or pass along a beautiful house we have a feeling 'ah… my home is going to be like that.' or ' I will design my bedroom just like hers'. But what happens in the end is that our dream don't find much place in designing our house and everything is left to the architecture designer and the plan maker's choice and our dream house end up being their 'plan number 343’ or x and rather than becoming your home it ends up like every other house done by that particular designer.  

What Role Do You Have in Building Your House

You are going to love your house anyway it is made, because it is the place where all of your loved ones are living. But don’t you thing living in the block made of bricks which was set according to the designers brainwave will have something missing in it…. Yes you will be missing your dreams in such a block of house. So be sure that you are the one who decides on how your house would look rather than leaving everything to the planner or designer. Other than telling your designer that 'I want a four bedroom, two storey house which is of 2000 sq feet and has so…..' you can tell them what you would like in your home and what you strictly don’t want. Together you can design your dream home and have in it the color of your dreams.

Your Lifestyle in Your Home

Not all of us live the same way and have the same habits, the way every other family eats can even differ, so you should be careful to see that the house suits your lifestyle and it is designed just the way that you will be comfortable and happy. If you like to have food in the kitchen right when someone is cooking you can with the help of the designer plan out an elaborate kitchen with space for you to sit and eat together. If you wish to include an aquarium or a special piece of furniture in your living room you can have the room designed accordingly. Similarly if your children like to do their school work away from the entire disturbance of the house, you can design a study for them which is far off from the living room and kitchen. Everything should be based on who is living in the house and should reflect the family's personality. Your designer can get you a very perfect design, clean and balanced for your home, if you give them the correct idea of what you would expect out from your home and how your family is planning to live in it. Knowing who you are and how you live can help the designers to come up with a house plan that is perfectly fit for you and your lifestyle.

How can the Designer Help You to Built the Dream Home

It will be a great help for the designer if you could give them an almost correct picture of how your home would look. The designer can help you to include all your needs and all your dreams into their plan and give a master plan of your house that comes inside your budget and at the same time is best suited for your locality and climate. They can also help you to find an alternative if any of your idea is not practical. They can help you with every other thing you might need to consider while designing your dream home and together you can see the growth of the new house into a home where love, laughter and happiness will form the pillars. 

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