Depression Home Remedies

Depression Home Remedies

Depressed people are just not able to lead their lives normally. Without treatment, symptoms can persist for weeks, months, or even years. When these symptoms become very severe, they start interrupting with one's ability to normally perform even the daily chores. The person becomes helpless; other people require to help the person to get out of this depressive situation. Appropriate diagnosis and treatment is required to assist most people suffering from depression.

Symptoms of Depression

The symptoms of depression may include:

  •     Constant feelings of somber and irritation
  •     Feeling fatigue most of the time, without any activity
  •     Reduced interest in social activities
  •     Significant weight fluctuation
  •     Some sleeping disorder, like difficulty in sleeping or early morning awakening
  •     Not feeling confident
  •     Spending a considerable amount of time analyzing what has gone wrong or what will go wrong in future
  •     Feeling of worthlessness or resentment
  •     Tendency of suicide or death

If you or somebody close to you is observing any of these symptoms, don’t delay to consult a doctor right away.

Causes of Depression

Causes of depression are yet to be known. Depression has in fact no single cause - it may be the result of a combination of things. However, it can be stimulated by:

  •     Trauma and stress, financial crunches, the breakup in relationship, or the death of a person close to you – all this can develop depression.
  •     Withdrawal of social support like loss of a job
  •     Poverty
  •     Physical conditions, chronic illness for instance Parkinson's, HIV, diabetes, often cancer
  •     Side-effects of drugs
  •     Hormonal imbalance that influence mood, like the start or end of menstruation, menopause.
  •     Excessive intake of alcohol
  •     Hereditary - depression may run in families, and parents may transfer the defective genes to their children.
  •     People manifesting low self-esteem, or who are pessimistic.
  •     Psychological disorders like anorexia.
  •     Some scientists recommend that over exposure to electro-magnetic smog from computer terminals and kitchen devices, specifically the microwave oven, affect the balance of the body's own electromagnetic system and leads to depression.
  •     Being physically or sexually tortured
  •     Family conflicts, specifically between parents

Diagnosis of Depression

A right diagnostic screening will encompass the entire history of the patient's symptoms, i.e., time of onset, how serious they are, do they occur again and again, whether any earlier treatment was given, if yes, the nature of treatment. The doctor should investigate about physical abuse or alcohol and drug use as well. Further, a history should also incorporate information about it if any family members have had ever treated for any depressive disorders.

Treatment of Depression

Most people suffering with depression seldom seek medical assistance, even though most of them will respond to treatment. Treating depression is very important as it affects you, your family, and your profession also. Depression is a curable disorder which must be taken care of on time.

  •     Treatment includes a fusion of professional counseling, medication therapy, and eventually family support.
  •     Love, appreciation and general interaction are some of the most imperative things you should provide to help the person cope with depression.
  •     Don’t be critical of the person at any stage.
  •     Changes in general lifestyle habits can enable reduce chances of depression. Encourage the person to:
  •     Do some light exercise regularly, such as walking, cycling, and swimming.
  •     Avoid alcohol and drugs.
  •     Get sufficient and refreshing sleep
  •     Eat a nutritious diet.
  •     Be optimistic. Positive mind frame is very prominent in coming out of depression.

Don’t expect an overnight change - but with the accurate and timely right treatment, you can avoid depression from damaging your life. Timely treatment of depression will yield the best results. Think positive, recovery will be witnessed, but gradually.

Some Useful Home Remedies for Depression

Home remedy for depression is the best remedy as it does not manifest any side effects.

  •     Ayurveda suggests yoga, meditation and massage, which catapults the energy level in your body. Yoga exercises enable increasing the circulation of oxygen and blood in the system and help keeping the mind relaxed. Deep breathing exercises or "pranayama" enable the body and mind to relax.
  •     Try distracting your mind. Listen to the music you like most, do the things you are fond of, eat something you relish, go out with friends - bring about a change in your regular routine, and it will assist coping with depression.
  •     Aromatherapy is also useful in relaxing and reviving the nervous system of our body. Some herbal oil steams like rose, lime, jasmine, and grapefruit are believed to be a natural remedy for depression.
  •     Cashew nuts are extremely helpful in treating depression, because it is replete with vitamin B. It catapults body’s activeness and energy levels.
  •     Take daily strolls. Fresh air along with deep breathing methodologies are both great in aiding relaxation.
  •     You must cut down the intake of tobacco, alcohol, kava tea, and black tea. Eat more wheat gram, which is an energy pack. Pears, nuts, and apples enable the nervous system function properly.
  •     Finally you should talk to someone if you are feeling depressed – it may just work!