Decorative Stepping Stones

Decorative Stepping Stones


Decorative stepping stones are unique way to exhibit your personality into your landscape or garden. They aren't just for decoration - stepping stones have a virtual purpose too.

Why Stepping Stones

Decorative stepping stones incorporate another dimension to your garden area. Apart from the obvious aesthetic components however, they also offer some necessary advantages that you cannot ignore.

Keep Off the Grass

Lawns are generally the right place to put stepping stones. Look at the high traffic spots in your garden. Is there a track worn due to the kids running to their swing set everyday? Has your dog found a cozy trail to his favorite place under the tree?

These are spots just waiting to be livened up with decorative stones. Stepping stones are quite attractive as well as easier to maintain than it is trying to develop grass in a high traffic zone.

Keep it Clean

Perfectly decorated and placed stepping stones enable keeping your feet clean. Place a few inside your garden grass to offer you a clean space for strolling as you tend to your plants. This will cut off the assimilation of dirt on your shoes which always gets tracked across your finely manicured grass or your home carpet.

Keep On the Trail

You have invested a considerable amount of time and money in beautifying your yard. You may even have some focal points, like a statue, water fountain, or an urn in several spots throughout your landscape. How frequently have you asked a guest to come and witness what you have done? Wouldn't you wish them to see these things themselves?

The best thing about stepping stones is that people use to walk on them. The stepping stones will make your task easier by guiding visitors to the spots you want them to witness. Just add a bench or resting area and your garden will provide your visitors the same refreshment and recreation that it gives you.

Installation of Decorative Stepping Stones

If you want a lazy, rambling path all over your yard or just wish to have a walkway to keep visitors off your garden, you will require knowing how to install stepping stones appropriately. Once done right, these garden stones last for a long time and done wrong, the stones may break or even offer a hazard to people walking on them. Don't worry, correctly incorporating stepping stones to your garden in not that tough though.

Do the Right Selection

To start with, decide what type of stones you are fond of. You may be astonished to witness the variety of styles and designs available to you, so plan ahead of time what kind of look you want to acquire.

You can opt for natural stones made from quartzite, limestone, slate or flagstone. Or get pre-made stones that are printed or are even plain. You can even purchase or make molds to generate your own decorated stepping stones.

Kits are also available for kids to create their own stepping stones that will be personalized having their hand print, mosaic tiles or a several other colorful articles. This is a nice way to make memories that you can relish each time you walk past your yard.


Once you have planned and decided to purchase your stepping stones, now it is time to position them in your yard.

· First, carve out the path that your stones will take. You can mark off the place with string on stakes or can also facilitate landscaping paint to ascertain where you will place each single stone.

· Place your stones parallel to the path at a distance of about 24 inches from the center of one stone to the center of the next. This is the stretch of an average adult stride, making the stones simpler to get in use.

·  If the area is a place generally crafted for children, you will typically want to place them closer together.

· Now, dig into the space about two inches deep (or matching the thickness of your stone) and make a hole that your stone will fit snuggly into.

· Put some sand into the hole to enable drainage and help maintain your stone level. This will slightly lift your stone above surface level which will make it easier to keep it away from getting messed up with dirt. Don’t try to make it higher or people will trip over it.

· Once you have settled the sand level, you can place the stone within the hole.

· It the stone is unsteady, just add or remove sand as required until it is level and firm. Fill in a bit of soil around the edges, enabling it to slope away from the stone a bit.

Once you have placed all your stones, you will be surprised why you didn't get some decorative stepping stones earlier!