Decorative Outdoor Stone Urns Symbol of Wealth Outdoor Planters and Urns.

Decorative Outdoor Stone Urns Symbol of Wealth Outdoor Planters and Urns.

Decorative outdoor stone Urns come in different sizes, materials and shapes 

History and Use

Decorative stone urns were facilitated in earlier periods. Many of it was crafted in terra cotta or pottery by expert workers. Marble, stone and other materials were also crafted and given the shape of decorative urns. Urns were embellished with handles, leaf motifs, and masks portraying gods and goddesses. Number of time they served special purposes too, like storing water and wine, in addition to decorative and ceremonial occasions. 

Symbol of Wealth

All through the centuries, decorative outdoor stone urns were often facilitated in gardens and on the balconies and terraces of the wealthy to manifest taste and style. Popular palaces like Versailles displayed marble urns in which the flowers were changed daily and that suit the whims of the aristocracy. From Renaissance Italy all over Europe, outdoor stone urns were the symbol of elegance. 

Diminishing Popularity

On the face of naturalistic taste of gardening coming into prominence the facilitation of outdoor stone urns dropped drastically from the 18th through the early 19th century. Park like setups were developed displaying man made ponds and natural hedges and plants rather than garden layouts. Garden ornaments were also in use sparingly.

Comeback of Urns 

With the start of the Victorian time, decorative outdoor stone urns came into vogue once again. Victorians were fond of urns of all shape and size - from metal to stone, and the more elaborate and elegant. Urns became the focal point in the garden, accents at the entrance path, or on patios and terraces. Elaborate planting sense including ivy and cascading flowers catapulted both stone and metal urns. 

These days, stone urns are considered a classic style to accent the garden. More of concrete than marble is the primary material nevertheless other types of stone may also be facilitated. Durable, cast concrete is accessible for most people and has a history of lasting for long time. 

Where to Use Decorative Outdoor Stone Urns

Decorative outdoor stone urns can be experimental in terms of usages, so prior to purchasing one on the spur of the moment, give a second thought about how you would like to use it. 

• Planters are the most general use for outdoor stone urns. If you wish to plant flowers in an outdoor stone urn, make sure to select an urn having drainage holes. If the urn does not have drainage holes, plant flowers into a plastic pot with sufficient drainage holes. The pot should adjust within the urn in a way so that it doesn't get viewed from outside. A pot that sits too deeply into the stone urn can be nurtured using foam packing peanuts. Just line the bottom of the stone urn with foam packing peanuts and put the pot on top. They're elegant, simple, and inexpensive and offer good drainage. 

• More than one urn can be decorated in the garden. If selecting urns to flank the entrance to a garden, it's a great idea to choose identical or matching urns. 

• Small urns can be made to appear bigger by planting topiaries and conifers in them, or nurturing the urn by putting it on a stone pedestal or plinth. 

• A large, ornate urn can be placed at the backyard of the garden as a central point. When used in this way, it will appear more like a statue rather than a planter. Let the background be simple and try planting an evergreen hedge behind the urn to showcase its stylish components. 

Constructive and Innovative Uses for Urns

If you've received some stone urns as legacy or you just love them, there are many other ways to utilize them in the garden other than as planters. You can make use of metal urns in the following ways, but stone urns could function great in these uncommon uses: 

• Place rocks and a fountain pump inside an urn to make a bubbly and splashing water fountain. 

• Place a clear sheet of Plexiglas over the top of tall urn which will transform it into a garden table. 

• Two small urns with a sheet of Plexiglas placed to the top can be facilitated to make a great and comfortable garden bench. 

Where to Buy Stone Urns

Decorative stone urns are not light hence you may wish to purchase them from your close vicinity. You may require assistance affixing them in the garden. Make sure to consider this aspect into your purchasing decision and budget, as some companies charge extra for delivery. 

Remember that a few ornaments lend themselves well to a particular style. For instance, a classic white marble statue would match well with boxwood and nicely-arranged stone urns. Whereas, they would certainly look mismatch standing amidst a collection of desert cacti and terra cotta planters.

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