Day Care Employment

Day care is an employment option that many women might consider, as caring for a child comes naturally to them. Before making this their career choice it is prudent to weigh the pros and cons of day care employment.

Pros of Day Care Employment

  • Daycare as an employment opportunity can be very rewarding especially if you want to be close to your little children. This arrangement helps cut childcare costs of your own child.
  • If you are considering having a daycare at home then you can cut out on the long hours of commute to work.  Thus you cut down on transportation costs also. You can have some amount of flexibility in your work hours, especially if you employ an assistant to help you.
  • The educational qualifications required for this job are minimal. Many community colleges offer vocational courses on childcare subjects at reasonably subsidized rates. If you complete these courses, you can become a full-fledged daycare worker.
  • Your children have a chance to socialize right from the comfort of their home and never get bored or addicted to television. They will grow up learning sharing and caring for their playmates.

Cons of Day Care Employment

  • Some parents require care for their children for as much as 12 hours in a day. That means long work hours for the daycare worker.
  • If you are working for a daycare center then your salary might be pretty low. Only if you own one, you can realize good profits. However, a daycare center may be the starting point for those who want training on the job.
  • If you start a daycare at home and include your child among the children, the possibilities are your child might find it difficult to share their mother with others.
  • Little children are more immune to germs and illnesses. Thus, you would be exposed to their common ailments too. As a result you could find yourself falling sick more often than normal.
  • Daycare employment is a labor intensive job. It involves a lot of physical activity revolved around the kids. So, this field requires you to be physically fit else, you could end up having health issues and sports injuries.
  • This is just a comprehensive list of the pros and cons of a daycare employment. See what is relevant to you works for you and take your call.