Dark Spots on Face

Dark Spots on Face

Who wouldn’t like a clean and blemish free skin and face? But most of the time tiny spots and pimples on the skin make us feel less attractive and less confident. Dark spot might appear on the skin as you get older or if you go out in sun much too often. And there are still many other reasons for the black or brown spots appearing on your cheeks and forehead. Taking a bit care and checking your diet can help to reduce these spots and to improve your completion and make your skin look healthy and great.

What are these dark spots?

These are small brownish colored spots that appear on the cheeks, on forehead, neck and on the body and these are also called as liver spots or the age spots and can increase with time and make you look older than you actually are. These are produced when the pigment cells are activated and concentrated in a region due to over exposure to the sun or pollutants and can be reduced and prevented by certain medication or by some home remedies. 

Why are dark spots formed?

As mentioned above the main reason for the appearance of dark spots is exposure to UV rays from sun that leads to the accumulation of the melanin pigment over a long time forming dark spots on the skin. Usually those with whitish complexion are affected more by the dark spots than the dark skinned people. 

It is not just sun exposure that makes these spots to appear on your innocent looking skin; age, pregnancy, diet, stress, hormonal changes, certain diseases can all contribute their share of spots to your skin. You can also have these spots if it runs in your family, that is if most of your family member have got a freckled face, they you too may be prone to it.

How to remove dark spots

Using a good sunscreen cream whenever you get out of your house can help a great deal in reducing the appearance of the dark spots and in preventing it. There are a number of good sunscreen brands available in the market; you can select the one best suited for your skin type and with the right SPF number (Sun Protection Factor). Using sunscreen even while indoor gives you extra protection and can also do wonders to your skin by making you age slowly and giving you an even and great skin tone; as experts say the sunscreen is the magic bullet for any skin.

Using a sunscreen with alpha or beta hydroxyl acid, salicylic acid, or vitamin A and C is found to be more effective in case of dark spots. Intense pulse light Therapy can also be used to treat dark spots which will be cleared off in a few days treatment. Microderm aberration where microscopic particles like aluminum oxide are used to clear off the top layer of the skin is a painless and effective method for dark spots.

Chemical pealing of the skin is another method where the dark spots can be effectively removed using certain chemical substances like glycolic acid. But all the treatment may pose some side effects if you have a sensitive skin. So it always advisable to know more on the procedure you are going to undertake before you try it on yourself.

Your diet

Your diet is another important thing that can change how you look. Including a lot of fruits and veggies in your diet can help to increase your skin tone and makes it healthy and spotless. These fresh fruits and uncooked vegetables detoxify the skin and fights anti oxidants hence helping to improve it and slowing down the ageing process. Try to include Vitamin E rich fruits and veggies in your diet especially papaya and pine apple. Drinking at least 10-12 glasses of water also helps to reduce the formation of dark spots by keeping the skin hydrated and supple all the time.

Home remedies for dark spots

If you want to have a healthy and spotless skin in a natural way, you can try some of these, but remember the natural remedies might take a little longer to remove the spots than the chemical treatment or skin aberration. If you don’t yet have any dark spot, you still can go for the natural methods where you can prevent it from occurring and make you look fresh all the time.

Applying the juice of citrus on your face and on the dark spots can reduce it overtime as citrus is a natural bleaching agent.

Apply a mixture of sour milk or cream with honey on your face daily and wash it off with warm water, for a healthy spotless skin.

Make a face mask using same amount of lime juice and tomato pulp and apply on your face and neck, leave it overnight and wash off with warm water. This also helps to improve your skin tone and give it a fresh look.

Apply a face mark made of honey and turmeric powder daily and this can do magic on your dark spots. Same is the effect of dried orange peel and yoghurt mask.

You can look beautiful and feel gorgeous if you are careful on how you treat your skin and what you eat. So take care of yourself for a spotless skin.