Dark Spots on Body And Treatment for Dark Spots on Body

Dark Spots on Body And Treatment for Dark Spots on Body

Dark spots starts to appear on the skin and face as you are ready to step into your middle age, but if you come in contact with the sun much too often, these spots may show up much earlier. These tiny spots which are caused due to hyper pigmentation are seen at certain places on the body especially around your neck, cheeks and at the back of hand and body. Though these are very common in people who go out in sun, pregnancy, stress, and genetics can also play a role in when and how much it appears.

Causes of dark spots on skin

Dark spots or liver spots may appear on the skin due to a number of reasons, the most primary one being exposure to UV rays. The UV rays may cause not only dark spots on the skin; it can also cause other damages to your skin making it look dull and lifeless. Different types of dark spots may appear on the skin as a result of sun exposure including melasma, freckles and ephelides.

Other conditions that might cause these brown colored spots to appear on the skin making it less attractive includes, pregnancy, pituitary tumours, Addison’s diseases, and Hemachromatosis and of course, age.

Removing dark spots

No one in the right mind will be happy to go around with dark spots over the body. But don’t worry, if you have those small tiny dark spots all over you taking a control over the way you look, there are a plenty of ways you can treat them. You can get over these dark spots if you are ready to spend some time on yourself and are sure to be happy with the results you have.


The first and foremost weapons against dark spots are sunscreens and skin lightning creams. Using a good sunscreen on your face and exposed areas everyday (even when you are staying at home in winter) can reduce the appearance of these little spots and can prevent new spots from appearing. Sunscreen can also help to save your skin from ageing fast and helps to make you look healthy and glowing even if you spend a lot of your time under the sun. But the thing behind choosing the best sunscreen is to go for the one with the perfect SPF factor that matches your skin and the time you spend under the sun. Skin lightening cream with hydroquinone in it also helps to reduce dark spots considerably with time, so choose the one with it but hydroquinone are found to cause irritation and redness in some with prolonged usage.

Chemical peels and laser treatment

If you want a faster get away from your spotted skin into a clean and spotless one, then you can try the new chemical peel or the laser treatment. Chemical peel treatment done by an expert can let you get rid of the spots within two weeks time but if you want a still faster result, Laser treatment maybe your answer. But before you are going for the laser treatment or the chemical peels, do remind yourself that these are no magic bullets that come without a side effect.

Natural way out of dark spots

  • The most riskless and cheap way out of your spotted skin are the natural ones. The simple home remedies for the dark spot don’t just reduce the dark spot on your skin; it also helps you to get a healthier, happier and glowing skin. Try some of these out and get surprised with the result it gives.
  • Make a paste out of a teaspoonful of milk, honey and lemon juice and add half a teaspoon of almond oil. Apply it on the dark areas of skin and face and wash off after 20 minutes. You don’t just get a spotless skin, you will also have a glowing supple one with this method.
  • Make a paste out of turmeric powder and lemon juice, apply on the spots in circular motions and wash off with cold water, the spots will get lighter with each application.
  • Cut potatoes into thin slices and rub over the dark spots and wash off after some time this can help in reducing the dark patches and brown spots on the skin. Applying the juice of potato can also help.
  • Make a paste out of tomatoes, fresh cream, and lemon juice; apply it on the spotted area, and wash off after 20- 25 minutes with lukewarm water, this not only helps you to reduce dark spot, it also improves your complexion in just two weeks.
  • Get out of your spotted skin and get going with your new spotless and fresh one but remember, never forget your sunscreen whenever you step out as you would never want the spots returning.