Know Important Facts Of Dark Eye Makeup

Know Important Facts Of Dark Eye Makeup

Always be serious to apply make-up on your eyes because eyes are the most sensitive organs. If you have dark-eyes, you need to know the condition of your skin. If you have heavy or oily skin, you have to avoid using moisturizing lotion. If you have mixed or oily skin, you can first apply oil-free moisturizing lotion and after that you can apply concerned make-up. Always select oil free lotion or cream for your oily or mixed skin.

Know Five Important Tips of Dark Eye Makeup

  1. Know your eye color before using any shade of dark eye make-up. If you have brown eye, you can make your eye look much darker. If you have lighter brown or blue or green eyes, you have to use lighter shade to make adjust with your eye color. Dark color should not be used on brow bone as it may stand in contrast color. However, it depends on you. If you want to have a contrast color, you can use that.
  2. According to tone of your skin, you have to select makeup. It is better to use darker make-up for dark skin. Sometimes, the look of your eyes will go almost Halloween, if you are not giving much concentration to use make-up. Hence, you have to select eye make-up as per your skin looks.
  3. Age factor is much important while using dark eye makeup. You have to make out your personality as per the look. Dark eye make-up also depends on the eye look. Therefore, you have to know your eye color before using dark eye make-up. Use dark blue shades for dark blue eyes. Use dark hazel color for dark hazel eyes etc.
  4. Always try to make a good combination between eye color and eye lid color. Try to apply eye shadow in a uniform manner. You can use mixed color of eye shadow on your eye lid but it is suitable for dark brown eyes. For dark blue eyes, you can use dark blue shade on your eye lid. You can fairly get rainbow effect, if you know how to mix-up colors along with your eyes.
  5. Prefer using eyeliner at the last, you will get a frame of dark eye makeup as a whole. Without eyeliner you can finish your eye make-up but it won’t look better. You have to use eyeliner at the last and give a proper shape of your dark eye make-up in fine tuned manner.

Effect of Dark Eye Makeup

Usually dark eye makeup looks very attractive and it is important to have dark eye makeup if you have dark eyes. You need to understand the pros and cons of the makeup before applying. There are many verities of products in the market for dark eye makeup but you have to know which products will have a good impact on your skin. On the other hand, the condition of your skin also plays a major role for applying makeup. Some lotions and creams have side effects, so you should be careful using those creams while applying dark eye makeup.