Dark Circles

Dark Circles

Dark Circle Under the Eyes

It is well known that when you are unable to express your feeling in voice; eyes come for your aid and they express your feeling with the same honesty you have in your heart. Therefore it becomes necessary for us to take special care for the same so that they become more expressive and beautiful. Dark circles under the eyes are one of major problems of today and when you keep looking yourself into mirror you will find that either your eyes are turning of that into panda eyes. Dark circles makes you look very old, tired and ill most of the times. Dark circles occur under your eyes due to some reason but they are combined with other problems too. It gets noticeable under your eye as you grow old day by day. As the age grows on you, your skin gets more affected by sun and it gets damaged. The skin under the eye is very thin and thus gets damaged easily; it gets wrinkled and get thinner. This allows the fat pad under the eye more prominent and the skin gets darker in this area in comparison to the rest of the skin of your face. If you have any changes in health its effects are seen immediately in this part of the face. People assume that dark circles occur because they are too tired or ill. This is not what exactly is happening it may be due to the sun effect also and at times it is just hereditary.

At times it is seen that dark circles are caused due to the reflections or shadows cast by bulges of fat that may occur naturally in the lower eyelids of the people as they get older. It is proclaimed that if this bulging of fat is the only cause of the dark circles under the eyes then cosmetic surgery to remove the fat bags is the only method and effective too rather than using concealer makeup.  But beside that there are many other contributing factors that cause the dark circles to appear around the eyes and make them noticeable. 

Some of these factors are age, heredity, allergies, fatigue, tiredness, lack of sleep, too much of smoking and excessive drinking. Fluid retention can also be a major cause for the same it may cause the eyes to get swollen and thus removing the water from that part of the face and thus leading into dark circles to appear. Some other common causes for the dark circles to appear are menstruation, pregnancy, thyroid and over exposure to the sun. 

Treatments for Dark Circles

There are some treatments suggested by the medical practitioner and professional eye specialists; if followed one can really get rid of the dark circles under your eyes. 

They are as following and it really helps to alleviate or conceal the dark circle; you need to dip a cotton swab into mint juice make sure that the juice is freshly extracted or you can dip it in cold milk or rose water. You just need to place these swabs on your closed eyes and keep it there for atleast 10 min, do this treatment regularly and every day, you will see the result very soon. The other method is that you can gently massage your eye with saffron or almond oil before going to bed every day. This method also helps you in easing your tiredness. You can also place cucumber or potato slice on your eyes for 15 min everyday this will also help in alleviating the dark circles. Beside above all the method that is strongly recommended is to have proper diet which is rich in Iron, Vitamins and Proteins. Deficiency of any of the above will immediately show its effect and dark circles will appear under the eye. Drink lot of water and take plenty of rest. These measures will definitely help you a lot and will lessen the dark circles.