Benefits of Dandelion Supplement

Dandelion Supplement Info

Dandelion is a prominent source of vitamins A, B complex, C, and D, along with minerals like iron, zinc and potassium. Its leaves are used to flavor salads, teas sandwiches. The root is used in some coffee substitutes, and the flowers are often facilitated to make some wines.

Benefits of Dandelion Supplement

There are many advantages of dandelion. The most popular and effective benefits of dandelion include:

  • Enhance liver health by flushing out toxins from the body and cleansing the blood vessels.

  • Being a diuretic, dandelion encourages the body to drain out excess water. In this way it supports the function of the kidneys, liver, and gallbladder as it removes toxins from the body. Because of this process, it reduces the signs of bloating that several women suffer during menstruation. It also helps lowering blood pressure due to water retention.

  • It also helps weight loss by supporting the liver to break down waste substances and flush them out of the body.

  • Dandelion is also full of antioxidant properties.

  • As a digestive support, the dandelion improves digestion and reduces building-up of gas and heartburn. Dandelion can soothe any inflammation of the digestive system to allow it function well.

  • It is good for anemia as it keeps the blood stream clear of toxins and encourages the well being of the organs.

  • It also reduces cholesterol level.

  • It is also a great nutritional support for the elderly and pregnant women.

  • It is also helpful in some skin conditions like eczema. It breaks down steroid hormones which can catapult such disorders.

  • A cold infusion of the fresh leaves and root can be facilitated as a face wash to soothe irritating skin and aid healing.

  • Root of dandelion is used as a natural hangover remedy by triggering bile production and flushing out toxins from the body.

Dandelion Side Effects Supplement

Excess acid in the abdomen may interact with dandelion and result in some stomach pain. It is basically advisable to use with prescription medications. Very rare side effect of dandelion may lead to diarrhea.

Anybody allergic to chamomile or iodine must stay away from using this herb, and anyone being treated for a gallbladder infection is suggested not to use dandelion herb.

Doses of Dandelion Supplement

Dandelion root can be taken regularly as daily doses of 9 to 12 g when taken in the form of tea for treating digestive disorders. The dried root can be boiled for five to 10 minutes and then can be ingested in doses of 1/2 to 2 tea spoon thrice a day. The root tincture is prepared as 1 to 2 ratio of root mixed with 45 percent alcohol and taken in doses of 100 to 150 drops thrice each day.