Creatine Protein Shake Supplement & Side Effects

Creatine is a protein building block containing amino acid. It is found in fish, poultry and meat, and also created in the kidneys, liver and pancreas of human being. It is transformed into creatine phosphate or phosphocreatine and is accumulated within the muscles, which is used to provide energy. Phosphocreatine is transformed to ATP, a main resource of energy in the human being.

Creatine supplements are famous and well-liked among body builders and spirited athletes. The fascination of creatine is extra during high intensity and short duration sports mostly. Creatine supports to boost lean muscle mass and enhance athletic performance.

Benefits of Creatine Supplement

The usage of Creatine is widely used in bodybuilding, it assists to impart fuller looking muscles. It also benefits by increased muscular endurance, increased energy output during exercise and strength. It is safer and more effective than illegal steroids and prohormones and could serve as a best alternative. Sportsperson like hockey players as well as the sports in which lot of power and energies are required can benefit with creatine supplements. Here are few more benefits provided by creatine supplements -

  • Increased muscle volume
  • Increased stamina
  • Increased energy
  • Helps in the growth of muscle fiber
  • Higher muscle retention

Side Effects of Creatine Supplement

There are no major side effects found about Creatine supplements. But there are some minor considerations, being said. The increase in weight is caused due to water retention. Excess intake of creatine can cause some gastrointestinal issues like stomach pain, nausea, dehydration etc. Creatine can more adversely affect the kidney. The excessive intake of creatine may lead to major kidney problems. High blood pressure people should not take creatine without doctor’s recommendation.

Dosage of Creatine Supplement

Creatine dosage is divided into 3 phases such as-

  • Loading phase

This loading phase involves the intake creatine 20 to 30 gm per day, so that the muscles are completely saturated with creatine. 0.3 gms of creatine per kilogram is the amount to be taken, you can calculate the intake amount according to weight.

Most of the health doctors and practitioners recommend this dosage for atleast starting 5 days so that your body gets used to creatine. It is essential to eat lots of carbohydrates during this phase.

  • Maintenance phase

In maintenance phase, it is recommended to take 2-5 gm of creatine. It is necessary to balance the creatine level in muscles which reduces with regular workouts that’s why this phase is essential. This phase prolongs for not more than a month and after 1 month all creatine your intake goes waste.

  • Wash out phase

This phase is recommended to bring your body from highly abnormal level of creatine to a normal level. This phase is advised for a month.