Country Home Decor

Country Home Decor refers to specific style which is diverse and covers a wide range of geographical locations.  The theme is appealing for its use of rough hewn furniture, soft colors, crackle and whitewashed finishes and vintage prints and fabrics.

Here is a break down to get an idea of how the style is put together.  In the contemporary version of the look, brighter colors like red, black and white are shown up to brighten up the theme.  Most of the furniture has straight line and finishes that have a crackle design or hand painted motifs and little other ornamentation. The furniture could well have come from a flea market or someone’s attic. The accessories have home made look like wooden bowls, old fashioned floral pottery and china handmade metal accents like coat hangers etc.  Sofas and chairs are covered in floral or checkered patterns which share a color scheme.  Calico fabrics are sometimes used to bring visual interest and an understated look.
In the cottage style of country home decor, the feel and look is comfortable and lived in.  It has a relaxed and welcoming feel as the decor is not very formal.  You can use distressed wood for the floors, warm paints, and funky photographs with rustic touches like metal watering cans as flower vases.  This style gives you the leeway to experiment and get a look that you can live with.

The French style of country home decor is very distinctive for it toile prints.  These prints are either in black and white or red and ivory and depict scenes of everyday French life.  The prints generally show up in crockery and also in wallpaper and fabrics.  Bedrooms are coordinated toile wallpaper and the same bedding and plain sheets.  The theme can be used minimally or to define a room.  A lot of dried flowers and herbs are also used as wreaths and flower arrangements.  This decor also makes for a very cozy home and welcoming atmosphere.

The Southwestern style of country home decor is most distinctive.  It is characterized by earthy tones in paints and flooring, rough textures for rugs and bright colors like turquoise, burnt orange, yellows and reds.  Leather, suede and hand woven fabrics are used for upholstery and for decorative purposes.  The furniture is very rustic and pine is the wood of choice. It has a distressed finish with metal accents.  Southwestern pottery is very well known around the world for its intricate hand painted designs. A lot of beautiful tiles are available and used in kitchens and for tables and bathrooms.

There are several other eclectic styles of country home decor like the New England style which uses lighter colors and nautical themes and Adirondack type weather furniture. The other styles are the Mediterranean look, the New Orleans or Charleston style of decorating which are all distinctive in their look. One can incorporate any one of the elements if it appeals to your sense of style.

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