Cost Effective Renovation

Do you want to call your friends over for a party and your house is not ready for any sort of party? Is your house presenting itself in the worn out look it has been in the past many years. Well, then your house does need a bit of remodeling and renovation to look fresh, beautiful and inviting.

Most of the time, giving your house a new look might cost you a fortune and you will be left thinking that renovation is not a great idea after all. But seeing to a few things and choosing wisely can help you to give a makeover to your house and that too without much expense and you will be left surprised by what so little money can do if you use your hands and brains.

Here Is Something You Can Try While Renovating 

See To The Front Door

Whatever you do to your interiors, it will look good only and only if the front door also looks good. Imagine entering into a well set and beautifully furnished room which has an unpolished and messy door, wont it feel incomplete? Similarly a good door always says 'welcome inside'. The first step in renovating your house should be to buy a can of paint and to paint the front door neatly. Try scraping off the old paint so that you get a cleaner look and then apply a coat or two of the paint. Clearing off the old paint and dirt, and dusting the door will save you an extra coat of paint. Similarly, choosing the previous shade of paint the next time will also help to save a coat or two of the paint.

Change The Curtains And Cushions

A new curtain and cushion to your couch can do magic to your living room and choosing the right color can turn out to be renovating the room on itself. But a good cushion cover and matching curtains can cost a bit of your money. Try getting cloths for your curtain rather that going for a ready to use ones as you can get a cloth of any shade and any rate whereas it is difficult to find the curtain with shade of your choice and that too in the affordable range. You can use printed or plain clothes and stitch according to the dimension of the window and hang it over it. A very cheap cloth can also do the magic if you choose the colors right. You can also use the remaining pieces of your curtain materials to make the pillow case of your couch cushion and don’t use it alone, add another color or two that goes on with your shade curtain.

Use Up An Old Furniture

Most of the time a small table or a chest kept in your store room can help you when you are remodeling your room. Rather than buying a new piece of furniture while renovating your house you can use the old ones dusted and polished well so that it looks brand new and also reveals its style. The positioning of the piece of furniture also has a role in how well it looks. Placing the old little table in the corner of your house and using it as the centerpiece of the room with a vase of fresh flower can always be a totally different feel. Try to use up every piece of furniture in some way or the other and try new positions before you go for a new one. You can even paint the wooden chest with a coat of white paint to give it a new look and different and use it to store your books rather than leaving it to die off in the attic room.

Frame In A Picture

Frames on the wall always look great and adds a mood to the room. But should you shop for the most famous paintings or the very costly wall hangings so that it looks good? No you can frame anything on your wall and make it look great and save a lot on the price of the picture or wall hanging. You can even frame the good snap of your family together, but rather than having a posed picture try to frame a one in which you were really smiling from your heart. Grayscale pictures look good in frames than the colored ones so you can go for it. If you don’t want a picture of yours to be hanging on the wall you can even frame a drawing of your child did or a hand impression job done by your family in different colors. 

Do It Yourself

Almost every of the renovating process calls for labor charge and it can come really high if a lot of renovation is intended. You can save a lot by doing the renovation job on your own; whatever is possible. Don’t try to do everything on your own as some of the skills calls for mastered hands and trying to do it on your own can end up being more costly. You can try to find some time when you are free and spread the work over the time. Try painting your house on your own if you can. You can save money and at the same time feel proud of yourself after seeing the result of your work.

But remember to treat yourself to a foot massage or a rejuvenating spa after you finish your work as no work should go off unrewarded and pampered.

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