Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry


Cosmetic dentistry deals with that form of dentistry that improves and makes the appearance more presentable. Everyone wants a perfect smile but not everyone is blessed with the perfect set of teeth. Therefore, a lot of people take to cosmetic dentistry to correct that aspect of their looks. After all, they do say that when people smile it makes them look a lot better and who doesn’t want to look better?

There are many different kinds of procedures that can be done in order to get that perfect smile. What’s important to note is that none of these procedures will actually change the medical condition of the teeth. Therefore it’s important to know that most insurance companies will not cover this.

The top three common cosmetic dentistry procedures that people go through are as follows:

  • whitening
  • bleaching
  • laser whitening

Cosmetic Dentistry: Whitening

Different dentists may use different methods to achieve white teeth. Usually this procedure is quick and painless. However, an individual may require more than one sitting depending on how colored their teeth are. Again, it’s important to know that the whiteness of the teeth will last for only as long as the procedure is strong. There are different kinds of whitening agents that dentists use which are also based on the strength of the teeth themselves.

However, since it is a fairly simple procedure and is known to improve the quality of a person’s looks significantly, it is a pretty popular cosmetic dentistry option.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Bleaching

Bleaching of the teeth is also a fairly common procedure. However it is definitely harsher than just the whitening. This involves using of chemical bleaches and agents to whiten the teeth forcefully. While it may be a stronger procedure, this can be done even at home.

Usually this procedure involves the use of the agent in a tray type device that fits neatly over the teeth. Most often the packaging will provide the details of how it has to be done and how long you’ll need to keep the bleach on. Usually this lasts for about thirty minutes.

If your teeth are already very stained and yellow, then this procedure may not clean your teeth as much and may not last for as long as you may desire. However, this procedure is simple and usually cheaper than others, so it is possible to repeat it several times, with enough gaps in between.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Laser Whitening

This is definitely one of the most expensive ways to whiten the teeth. But this is a much stronger procedure and can’t be done by you at home. This procedure will need special laser equipment and will also require the supervision of the cosmetic dentist.

This procedure can create very distinct results and they are immediate. The teeth get much whiter and everyone around will notice.

This procedure is conducted by using a special gel over the teeth and then exposing them to the laser rays for periods of time that is defined by how much cleaning your teeth may need.