Cool Skin Tone Makeup

Cool Skin Tone Makeup


It is essential to determine your skin tone type in order for you to pick the right colors for your skin. If you use cool skin tone makeup, and if you happen to use the blue or the pink undertones, it could do more for you and make your skin look more alive than it would if you used colors like browns, olive greens, golds or bronzes. If you happen to have a cool skin tone and are just using the make up that is meant for people with warmer tones, it may provide the appearance of your being sick or too pale. Therefore, it is essential that you match the right shades of make up to your skin tone.

Determining your Cool Skin Tone

In order to be able to determine your skin tone, you need to have answered with a yes to any of the following questions:

●     Is your skin more on the pinker side than on the golden side?

●     Does the color white look better on you than the shades of cream?

●     Is your hair color lacking in either golden or copper tones of any sort?

●     Does golden jewelry suit you less than any silver jewelry?

●     Do you usually wear clothes that are less in the earthy tones and more towards the jewel tones?

If yes is the answer to most or even all of the questions above, then there are great chances that your skin tone is actually of the cool kind. However, if you happen to doubt it in any way, it’s best to talk to a professional make up practitioner. They are usually around for assistance at any make up or pharmaceutical store.

Shades of Cool Skin Tone Make Up

Cool skin tone make up includes all of the following colors:

●     gray

●     white

●     teal

●     blue

●     bright blue

●     navy blue

●     black

●     brown

●     cool brown

●     rose

●     plum

●     mauve

●     pink

●     light pink

The color that works worst against cool skin tone is yellow. So, it is strongly recommended that you avoid any yellows, even in the eye, lip and cheek products. They’ll provide the perception of you being sick, while you may be completely healthy.

On the other hand, it is recommended that you use blue based colors that will then add a lot of life to your face.

It’s best to stick to make up from the same color family.

Foundation for Cool Skin Tone

When you have a cool skin tone, it tends to give a very pale look. So it is necessary to ensure that you don’t use too much foundation. That could lead to an unnatural look. Most foundations have pink tones in them. When you have a cool skin tone, you don’t need to use a foundation with pink tones as that could lead to your face looking much pinker than your neck and other parts of your skin. That could lead to the make up looking obvious and therefore will affect your looks adversely. Neutral colors would be best suited.