Conjunctivitis is a very common problem which many people have experienced. It is an eye infection which has several causes. It is known with several other names such as madras eye and pink eye. The name pink eye has originated because of the color of the eye when it is infected. When a person suffers from conjunctivitis then the person’s eye changes into pink in color, hence the name pink eye. Conjunctivitis falls in the category of bacterial and viral infection. Due to the infection the outer layer of the eye is inflated. Therefore though there is no major pain experienced when affected by this infection, the person may have lot of discharge from the eye and opening of the eye early mornings is a problem.

Conjunctivitis Causes

There are many causes for conjunctivitis. As it is already mentioned, this infection falls in the category of both bacterial and viral infections. The most common way of getting affected by conjunctivitis is by viral infection. Another important characteristic of this infection is it is contagious. Therefore when a person is in contact with a person who has conjunctivitis, then there is a possibility of the person getting conjunctivitis.

The virus is said to be spread from contaminated objects and water. Therefore you can also acquire this infection from water. Water is one of the most dangerous medium from which one can acquire many infections. As it is easier for the virus to spread in water you may get affected from water.

Some of the most common virus which causes conjunctivitis is adenoviruses and Herpetic keratoconjunctivitis. Herpetic keratoconjunctivitis is particularly considered to be a chronic virus which is hard to diagnose in the body. In some cases the person may need treatment with acyclovir. Acute hemorrhage conjunctivitis is considered to be more dangerous and also highly contagious. 

Conjunctivitis Sympotoms

Conjunctivitis has very evident symptoms. As the virus affects the eye, the changes in the eyes are evident. The symptoms all though vary depending on the cause of the disease. The infection like mentioned before can be caused due to bacteria or virus. Irrespective of the causes, some of the symptoms are very common in this infection. The following symptoms are the most common symptoms by which one can diagnose conjunctivitis.

  • There is intense redness which is observed in the eye. Though there is not much pain in the eye there is lot of discomfort.
  • The vision of the patient is blurred. Due to which the eye tends to water a lot.
  • There is a tingling feeling in the eye. The patient has a tendency of having a gritty feeling in the eye.
  • Itching is increased in the eye.
  • The eye tends to water a lot.
  • The eye becomes sensitivity to light.
  • Crust formation is observed on the eye lid after night. There is severe crust formation overnight on the eye lid which is one of the most important symptom of conjunctivitis.

Conjunctivitis Treatment

Most of the treatments of any ailment have to be given only after a thorough diagnosis of the cause. Similarly in conjunctivitis also the treatment is dependent on the cause of the infection. The allergic conjunctivitis is treated by allergen. Antibiotic medication is often given in case of chronic conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is completely curable and is not at all dangerous to life.