Condom Awareness Week 2017

Condom awareness week very amusingly or let us say very rightly falls in the Valentine week of February. The whole month of February is considered the Condom awareness month in the United States and the second week or the third starting from February 14 is marked as the condom awareness week. In this week, a number of talks and programs are conducted all over the country so as to educate and to make the people aware of why condoms are so necessary and why everyone ought to opt for a safer sex. Now more and more countries are taking uo the massage of why this week is so important and have started to promote awareness among the people.

Why in the Month of February

Many people have a doubt why the condom awareness Week falls in the month of Love, February. Well safe sex is rightly to be promoted when love is all over the air. All; the children, teenagers and the adults should be aware of what a safe sex and the use of condom could mean to them in the long run. It not just keep you away from unwanted pregnancy, it also helps you to get away from all the Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) including the most severe one AIDS.

Condom Awareness

The Whole month of February tells the people; men and women to practice safer sex and to get away from unwanted pregnancy and unnecessary abortions. The talks, the posters and the funny quotes which are all around in the week help the people to think and rethink before they plan for a unsafe sex.

The awareness week also helps to remove of a number of doubts and myths regarding sex, contraceptive measures and getting pregnant by including a number of public speeches, discussions, video and still display exhibits that help to educate the people on why actually the use of condoms is so important and how difficult the sexually transmitted diseases can be.

The various Sexually Transmitted Diseases which can be prevented through using condom and going for a safe sex are discussed through a number of media whole through this week. The real reason behind the STD, how they are transferred and how they are not are all made clear though the number of educational programs and talks. The way to stay away from these diseases and how condoms can help to prevent the transfer of these are also made clear.

Why is the Condom Awareness Week Important

If you are thinking that Condom Awareness week is not very important in today's world as most know about its use, and are aware of the chance of getting disease through unprotected sex; you are wrong. More than half of the sexually transmitted diseases are transferred due to mere ignorance. And today the child and teenage pregnancy and sex are on a steep rise that it has become very important to educate the youth about the danger of unprotected sex. the television network has even taken up a reality show of teenage parents which has again let the teenagers come to believe that it is not that very wrong to have kids when they themselves are not out of their teens . 

Every year about 20 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases are being reported and all these millions of disease could have been prevented if they had used condom. It is estimated that more than half of the American lose their virginity before they reach 17 and some even loses it before they are 10.

So don’t you think that the Condom Awareness Week does have a much higher meaning and purpose to it than we feel it has. And after all what can be the best time for the Condom Awareness Week to fall other than the Valentine Week.