Make Up Tips to Conceal Pimples

Make Up Tips to Conceal Pimples


Pimples are inevitable as you grow up. Whether you have acne-prone skin or have otherwise flawless skin, you will still at some point have to deal with a pimple. Having pimples on your face can make you feel much less beautiful and even very ugly.

In order to minimize the appearance of pimples, it is necessary for women to put themselves through a strong beauty routine. The skin care routine is critical at this point.

Concealing Your Pimples

You can conceal pimples by using foundation and concealers that are widely available today. This can help in improving the feeling of self worth and confidence to get you through the day. However, while picking out a product, it is important to pick one that is of high quality as it stays on for long durations and also covers a large area. A poor quality product also won’t do it’s job very well and may need too many layers that will make it look uneven and the overall effect would be worse than without any make up.

The concealers that you look for should preferably not be oil based. Oil based cosmetics will only cause more blemishes and pimples to appear. The chosen products should not clog your pores and should also match your skin tone to the closest possible shade.

That said, if you can find a concealer that has slight under tones of green or yellow, it will help in offsetting the redness that usually comes up around pimples and other blemishes.

Pimple Concealer Brands

The top pimple concealer brands are as follows:

●     Bobbi Brown

●     Clinique

●     MAC

●     L’oreal

●     Maybelline

●     Laura Mercier

●     Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat

●     Sue Devitt Automatic Camouflage

●     Dermablend

●     Bare Escentuals

●     Neutrogena

Applying the Pimple Concealer

Once you have found the right concealer for yourself, you then need to ensure that you are using it in the right fashion. If not used correctly, you will end up looking scary with a clump over your pimple. Something that people may not have noticed earlier would now come up obviously.

To apply the concealer, you can follow these steps:

●     Keep your finger tips completely clean.

●     Use a cosmetic sponge, a small facial make up brush and a clean cotton swab.

●     Use any of these tools to apply the concealer on the affected spot or pimple and then wait for it to dry out completely.

●     Do not do anything as it dries. That could backfire and cause clumpiness.

●     Once it dries, you need to brush off the area gently.

●     Use foundation or loose powder as normal after that.

●     If you apply the next few layers too quickly, the concealer may end up coming off. So you need to be careful to let it dry completely.

●     Use all further make up over the area as usual after that.

Once you are done with the day, it is essential that you return home and remove all the make up. Leaving the layers of make up on over affected skin could worsen the actual problem.