Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome

In the present day, most of the manual work is being done on the computer. The cyber world has taken over all the man power to computerize the physical work and reduce the burden. But over the years, working on the computer has caused many physical ailments to man. Starting from backache because of long hours of sitting posture to having headaches it is causing discomfort. One such physical ailment is Computer Vision Syndrome. This is caused due to long hours spent on staring at the computer screen. The rays which come from the computer screen irritate your eyes after a certain period. 

About Computer Vision Syndrome

This has been a common problem to many people in the recent years. Teenagers who are addicted to internet now are spending lots of time on the computers. This is leading them to get farsightedness. Computer vision syndrome (also known as CVS) is observed to be more in people working in a software company. 

This is caused due to the strain which is put on the eye that causes the irritation. This is more dangerous for kids as their eyes are more sensitive and are in growing stages. Therefore they have a tendency to get CVS more than a grown up. Their eyes may also deform or have irregular growth of eye balls due to stress on their eyes. 

The pixels are the dots which form the word or an image which are seen on a computer screen. The images on the computer have a fading effect on them. This means they are brightest at the center and slowly fade at the corners. This will make life difficult for the eyes as they cannot focus on one point. This will lead to the eye trying to find a proper point to focus. This is known as ‘resting point of accommodation’. In the whole process the eye strains itself constantly making it weak. The muscles of the eye become weak and fatigue is experienced. 

Symptoms of CVS

The body develops a signaling signal which tells you that it is not completely fit. Similarly, for this ailment also there are symptoms which tell that the body is suffering from CVS. The following points are the symptoms which are experienced when a person is suffering from CVS.

• Loss of focus

• Headache

• Irritation in eyes

• Neck and shoulder pain

• Double vision

• Blurred vision

• Redness in eyes

• Burning sensation in the eyes

When any of the above symptoms are observed over a long period of time it is advised to get your eyes checked from an eye specialist.

Treatment for CVS

Science has been a life savior for the human species. It has developed a cure for almost every ailment a person has suffered. CVS can also be treated with the right procedure and guidance. There is a simple way for avoiding CVS. You can consult a optician for the treatment of CVS. Apart from this you can also take the following precautionary actions to avoid CVS.

• Take a break from staring at the screen for every 20 mins. This will give your eyes some rest and avoid CVS.

• CVS majorly causes dryness of eyes. Due to lack of blinking your eyes there is no moisture which is formed on the cornea. This will strain the movement of your eyes. Therefore blinking is a must.

• Another remedy for keeping your eyes moist is – after completing your work on the system, use some eye drops and rest for around 10mins. This will help your eyes in regaining energy.

• Also try using an anti-glare screen in front of your screen which will reduce the intensity of your monitor.