Community Garden

A single piece of garden collectively gardened by a group of people is known as community garden. Fresh produce and plants as well as satisfying labor are provided by community garden. It also provides sense of community, connection to the environment and improvement of neighbourhood. In terms of ownership, access, and management, they are publicly functioning. They are either owned by local governments or by not for profit organizations. All communal gardens differ from each other in many ways. Some gardens nurture the garden communally, some grow only flowers, some have individual plots for personal use, while in some gardens, and there are raised beds for disabled gardeners.

History of Community Gardens

Since the beginning of the cities, communal gardens have existed. There were some shared gardens in most of the cities as indicated by archaeological digging sites. Organized from 1700s until present times, more documentation regarding the existence of communal garden has been witnessed.

Community Garden

Design of Community Gardens

Any neighbourhood would become more attractive and with a well designed community garden. Its presence would even raise the property prices. Before designing a community garden at a place, it is necessary to keep few things in mind such as source of water nearby, site surface, its nearness to parking or public transportation, soil type or quality and most important permission from the local authorities. There must also no opposition from residents living in nearby areas as smell of compost and fertilizers can be overbearing at times. While designing the entire plot may between workers. Paths of about three feet between rows can be made and plants may be planted on its periphery.

Architecture of Community Gardens

While constructing a community garden, certain factors need to be kept in mind. Every community garden will need a visitor’s gate at equal distances. Some benches would be required for the people to sit and enjoy the serene atmosphere of the garden. Rides for kids are needed in these gardens so that children can enjoy with complete abandon. There will be check posts for the guards so that the garden is well protected.