Common Cold Home Remedies

Common Cold Home Remedies

A cold and nasal blockage is very irritating and common ailment that generally occurs in cold weather or because of change in season. Common cold can also be a result of drinking refrigerated drinks and foods. People suffering with weak immune system are the soft prey to this condition. Cough, sore throat and headache are the factors that worsen this condition. You can treat this irritating condition using simple yet effective natural and home remedies.

Causes of Common Cold 

Call it catarrh of the nose; a common cold is a very uncomfortable situation. 

It may be caused by several factors, of which the most general is the condition of sudden chilling due to change of temperature, going out of the warm and cozy bed into cold air or walking from an AC room into a burning sun. 

If allopathy is to be believed, these are just disposing components, the actual reason to common cold is a virus, which incidentally has not yet been counteracted. Conventional remedies fail to treat the cold as according to an old adage “if you take medicines, the cold is cured in a week, otherwise seven days." But due to weak immunity a cold may result in more serious disorders like laryngitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia or tuberculosis.

Symptoms of Common Cold

A running nose, feverishness, body aches, heaviness of the head, and loss of appetite are the primary feature and symptom of a common cold which makes life discomforting and miserable.

Common Cold Home Remedies

Below are some of the most appreciated and tested home remedies for cough and cold. The ingredients used in these home remedies are completely herbal and natural and can be easily found in your kitchen cabinet.

  •  Make a packet of 10 grams of bishop's weed (ajwain) using a clean cloth and tying all ends of it with a rubber band. Heat this packet pressing it against a hot vessel. Now sniff this. It will clear nasal blockage.
  •  Make mixture of 5 ml fresh garlic (lahsun) juice, holy basil (tulsi), four black peppers (kali mirch), a clove (laung) and a spoon of honey. Consume this mixture twice a day to alleviate cold and cough.
  •  Suck liquorice (mulethi), it is an effective home remedy for cough, cold and sore throat. You can also consume mulethi with honey 2-3 times regularly.
  •  Garlic (lahsun) is a great herb for the treatment of cough and cold. Garlic juice of 10-15 ml along with same quantity of honey is a great home remedy.
  •  Drink lukewarm water, particularly after meals. This will alleviate and sooth throat inflammation.
  •  Nasal blockage can also be facilitated by applying 3 drops of eucalyptus oil in each nostril. It will also ease sinus.
  •  Tea made using holy basil (tulsi) and garlic (lahsun) is helpful to soothe the inflamed respiratory passage.
  •  Avoid cold winds. Fully cover your chest and head with woolen cloths.
  •  Boil the milk with 500 mg cinnamon powder. Add 5 ml ghee and drink this milk. This will offer comfort in cold at bed time.
  •  Eat whole grams bread with clarified butter (ghee). Take a full glass of lemon juice mixed in hot water afterward to gain strength and relief. It will clear your nose, cut down sneezing spells and calm the throat.
  •  One of the natural remedies is the patient should fast till the cold is gone--it will take almost two days and take a warm water enema and a cup of warm water after every two hours post enema.
  •  Take half a kg of spinach, 250 gm of tomatoes, 75 gm of coriander leaves, 250 gm of turnips (along with their leaves) and boil them in 1 liter of water. If case of any of the vegetable is missing, other green vegetables or radishes can also be taken. Cover the lid of the vessel with a flat plate full of water so that the water does not evaporate and there is always some water left. Once the vegetables are done, strain them through muslin or using find cloth. Add a pinch of salt, lime juice and roasted and powered cumin seed and take it after every two to three hours. This will enable the bowels movement and also open the pores by generating sweat.


Cold often gets chronic. Such patients must follow the diet plan suggested above. It will clean their bowels. They should also do some regular exercise so that their pores open. Those who are weak should make it a point to use the therapy of putting their feet in warm water for fifteen to twenty minutes before going to bed at night. Let the patient cover a blanket while he is doing it; it will enable open his pores and will be helpful in running nose.