Common Child Discipline Mistakes

Common Child Discipline Mistakes

Parenting a child is not an easy task for a father or a mother. All children are not the same and may behave or react in a different manner. Disciplining a child is one of the basic and most important steps that a parent takes. It is a way of tuning and raising a child in order to develop them into confident individuals.

When it comes to disciplining a child there is a difference by the way a mother and a father would do it. Mothers are much more patient and calmer whereas fathers use other ways to do so. Below are ten common child discipline mistakes fathers make.

Ten Common Child Discipline Mistakes Fathers Make

Imposing guilt- This is a very common mistake fathers make when it comes to disciplining a child. Telling things like, ‘’I’ve sacrificed so much for you, and you cannot put things in its place’’. Making a child feel responsible for the situation you are into is not a good thing. Do not ever do that.

Proving the mother wrong- If a child runs to the mother and she is lenient then it’s proving the mother wrong. Both parents should be on the same page when it comes to disciplining the child. Do not try to go against your partners disciplinary decisions in front of others. If there is a difference between you and your partner’s decision, then sought it out in private.

Your decision- Many fathers often make the mistake of surrendering to a child’s tantrums. Make sure your child knows that what you’ve said is final and cannot be changed. As a child grows and understands, you can explain and tell as to why you feel like this.

Lecturing- Fathers seem to be very good at lecturing their children for any wrong act done by them. It often happens that if a child does a mistake, fathers think that the best way to deal with it is to lecture the child. This is one of the most common discipline mistakes that fathers make. A better way to deal with it is identifying the problem and finding a way out.

Comparison- This is a very wrong thing that father do. Comparing a child to other siblings or other kids is not an advisable thing to do. This is bringing down a child’s confidence and self-esteem. Every child is different from the other and a father should recognize a child’s strength and talent.

Losing your cool- Never try to discipline a child when you are angry. You might end up getting violent, saying harsh things or even swearing that set a bad example on a child. It may reflect on a child’s personality and behavior. As compared to mother, fathers tend to get more violent in their temper. Children respond well only when you are polite and calm. 

Physical punishment- This is a common disciplinary mistake made by most fathers. Hitting, spanking or jerking the child’s arm is bad. A child later thinks that physical force is the best way to deal with problems. The main ideal is to talk to a child in order to convey your point.

Bribing the Child- Telling children things like if they behave themselves or completes a certain task they would be rewarded. Doing such things will only encourage bad behavior as the child knows that once he/she gets the desired thing he/she can get back with the bad behavior.

Inconsistency- Usually fathers respond to a child’s behavior in different manners. This way a child gets confused and doesn’t understand things. Follow a proper way to discipline the child.

Nagging- Like most mothers, even fathers nag their children. A child then doesn’t do or does the opposite of what is being told. As a father stop nagging and be stern when you want something to be done. 

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