Combination Skin

Combination Skin

Introduction to Combination Skin

Combination Skin is exactly defined as a type of skin which is a combination of both dry and oily skin. The areas of your skin which is known as T-zone such as forehead, nose & chin are oily while others such as cheeks, eyes & mouth are dry. This type of skin is the most popular and common and is present in almost 70% of women. The combination skin is caused due to the oil producing glands of the body that produces more oil than normal and dryness caused in some parts of the face is because of the environment, age and the breakdown of the intracellular matrix.

Most of the people come to know very easily whether they have combination type of skin or oily or dry, just by looking at it. You will find a part of areas of your skin will appear shiny and will be more prone to blackheads and pimples and the other part will appear dry and dull and give you a feeling of irritation at times. People who have combination skin type must be very vigilant and they need to understand that their face has two types of skin and thus need to be treated differently. According to the percentage of dry and oily skin the treatment should be done. Once you are sure that you have combination skin you have to keep this mind while taking any kind of treatment for your skin and accordingly care for it.

Combination Skin Care

There are various types of skin and one of them is combination skin type; in this type the person has both types of patches oily and dry. One will find many regimes in the skin just in order to prevent any kind of double challenges. Daily cleaning and skin treatment will influence the way for the skin which maintains moisture of the skin and will also prevent it in getting excess dry.
Proper skin care for combination skin is necessary and is best described as to do with the balancing act. There are several suggestions for the care of the combination skin. Some of them are stated below:

  • As you have combination skin this means that you carry two types of skin thus you need different treatments for both type and have to be very careful while applying the same.
  • You need to wash your face atleast twice a day with the help of an effective cleanser such as gel or foam; or you may use cleansing agent that is suitable for you entire face and is applicable for both dry and oily skin. It is advisable here for you to avoid harsh and drying soaps.
  • A toner need to be used atleast once or twice a week, but be very careful that if you oily area of the skin is too much greasy than you need to have a separate toner for that part of the skin.
  • Moisturize your skin twice a day; especially you dry areas so that they are oil free.
  • While treating the face with blemishes be very careful that you apply the same only in the oily area as the other area may give you the side effect.
  • Do not forget to exfoliate all the areas of your skin and also remember that you will need two types of mask for your combination skin for exfoliation.
  • Use an oil free sunscreen for you entire face atleast once a day to protect it against the UV rays of the sun.

If you care properly for your combination skin then you can bring out the unique features of both the oily and dry skin and can have a beautiful and glowing face.