Colostrum in Growth of Immune System as Health Supplement

Colostrum, in other words beestings or first milk is the first lacteal secretion produced by the mammary gland of a mother prior to the production of milk. In humans, colostrum provides the newborn with carbohydrates, proteins and antibodies. The fat content in human colostrum is low as the newborns may have difficulty in digestion. The colostrum from cows, bovine colostrum, is a natural source of colostrum used for health-promoting effects. Health supplements containing colostrum is generally derived from bovine colostrum. It is available in the form of powder, tablets and capsules.

Benefits of Colostrum Supplement

The benefits of the colostrum supplementation are the following.

  • Prevents jaundice in infants by helping the body to expel the extra amount of bilirubin, a waste product which accumulates in the newborn’s body due to blood volume reduction.
  • Colostrum contains antibodies called secretary immunoglobulin that helps protect the mucous membranes in the throat, lungs, and intestines of the infant.
  • Leukocytes present in the colostrum protect the infant from harmful viruses and bacteria.
  • Regulates the immune system.
  • Colostrum has an anti-inflammatory function.
  • Colostrum suppresses Immunoglobin E expression which intern desensitises the body to allergens.
  • It is found that those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease benefits from colostrum supplementation.
  • Lactoferrin in the colostrum acts as an antioxidant in the gut. It prevents cancer. Arthritis patients and diabetic patients also get benefited from this.
  • Colostrum is found to be effective in asthma patients.
  • Colostrum supplements help athletes to increase lean body mass.
  • It has a detoxifying function.
  • Colostrum has an effective role in pain management, skin health and wound healing.

Side Effects of Colostrum Supplement

There are no safety issues regarding colostrum supplementation. Colostrum supplements are completely natural as it doesn’t have any artificial ingredients. Artificial ingredients are the reason for side effects and the lack of it in a health supplement reveals how safe the product is. It is proved to be safe for lactose intolerant individuals also. Side effects are found only in people, who are HIV- positive.

Colostrum Supplement Dosages

The dosage will depend on the age as well as on the purpose of the colostrum supplementation. For infants of 3 to 12 months the suggested dosage is 300mg. For children of the age 1 to 2 years, 600mg of bovine colostrum is suggested. 1200mg can be used in children of the age 2 years and above. In adults the suggested dosage is 1200mg i.e., 4 capsules a day. 5 to 10 grams can be taken twice a day if it is used for athletic conditioning.