Colorescience Mineral Makeup

Colorescience Mineral Makeup

Women and makeup seem to go hand in hand. Today, when we talk about makeup, we can categorize it into different types. There is makeup for every occasion and every mood. There are many makeup brands available in the market that are made for every skin type. Colorscience mineral makeup is the latest that has been introduced in the market. 

Diane Ranger was the one who created the colorscience mineral makeup. She was the one who came up with the concept of mineral makeup. Not many people are aware of this new type of makeup.

Colorescience Mineral Makeup

As opposed to the harsh chemicals used in other makeup products, colorscience mineral makeup is a different product. It has shown positive results on the skin and keeps it moist and soft. Colorscience mineral products contain micronized minerals that are anti-inflammatory. They are formulated in such a way so that it protects the skin.

A different technology, known as the art nanotechnology to make sure the minerals are pure, is used in the colorscience. The best thing about colorscience mineral makeup products is that they are organically grown while the ingredients used are of high pharmaceutical grade.

The colorscience makeup products are best suited for women who may not want too much mess while applying makeup. The loose powder is made in a special formula that consists of a ‘’Genie Bottle’’ applicator. This helps in taking out the excess mess from the mineral makeup but also keeps it intact for a longer time.

Though colorscience mineral makeup is not really very popular, magazines like Elle, Allure and Redbook have given good reviews about this product and brought it into the spotlight of the industry.

Colorscience Mineral Makeup Shades 

Extreme Light Shade

My Fair Lady: It has a light pink undertone and is a dull foundation. It can be compared to Bare Mineral’s Light.

Just A Light Shade

Pass The Butter: It has a yellow undertone and is a fair foundation. It is also used as a corrector.

Light As A Feather: It has a neutral undertone and is a fair foundation.

Medium Shade

Second Skin: It has a medium cool tone. It is a rosy foundation and suits Caucasian women with a mild undertone. Women looking for a natural look can go for this.

All Even: It is a dull yellow foundation and can also be used as a corrector.

Per Fekt: It can be used to conceal redness, to brighten the complexion, hyperpigmentation as well as dark eye circles. It has an apricot undertone. Per fekt’ can also be used as a bronzer, foundation and corrector.


Not Very Deep: It has a rich neutral tone which is suitable for dark skin tones. It can also be used as a bronzer. 

The Dark: This foundation is a golden tan and looks great on dark complexion. It can be used as a bronzer.


That Touch of Mink: This foundation has a dark cocoa brown tone and looks great as a bronzer.

Toast Of The Town: It’s a deep terra cotta brown foundation and looks great as a bronzer.


Colorscience mineral makeup is available in a variety of colors which can be used as bronzers, foundations, finishing powders, correctors, afterglows and blushers.

Using this product leaves you with a radiant skin and has the best ingredients used and provides protection from the sun and keeps the skin great for many years. 

The colorscience makeup product is like an all in one- concealer, sun protection powder and foundation and doesn’t leave a cakey feeling.