Color Mascara - Know More About it

Color Mascara - Know More About it

Every woman on this planet loves wearing makeup. Makeup and women seem to go hand in hand. Other than concealers, lipsticks and eye shadows, mascara is an essential part of a makeup kit. Today, other than black, mascaras are available in different colors. They come in various brands, shapes and sizes. Color mascaras are something that you should wear to give a more dramatic effect to your looks.

Color Mascara- Know More About It

Color mascaras are never a permanent makeup trend. There are few colors that look great while other colors can look disastrous. It is very important to make the right choice when it comes to color mascaras. Color mascaras can give a more dramatic look and make you look different.

The whole idea of applying mascara is to give volume and depth to the eye lashes. Today, mascaras are available in formulations according to a person’s need. Some mascaras give volume to the eye lashes while others lengthen and curl the lashes. Using colored mascara, will give a funky and a playful look to the face. Many celebrities like Christina Aguilers, Rhianna and Britney Spears love using the colored mascaras.

A Few Vibrant Color Mascaras

Purple Mascara

Purple mascara looks great on women who have hazel and green eyes. Though many women may not be comfortable with this color, but a richer hue can look simply flattering. To keep this color conventional, it can be paired with dark brown eyeliner and a warm plum color eye shadow. Purple is a summer color and suits bronze skin tones so do make sure to flaunt this color.

Blue Mascara

Blue is a beautiful color and can vary from electric blue to the stunning turquoise blue. Women with blue eyes should go for blue mascara as it would enhance the look. When you are wearing blue mascara, it means to basically show the tone on the palette. To make your blue eye look attractive, apply blue eye shadow eyeliner and complete the look by applying blue mascara. Brown and hazel eyes would also look good in blue mascara but other colors would look great.

Green Mascara

Green is a very versatile color and gives a theatrical look when applied well. Women with green eyes would look great when they would wear green mascara. Green mascara can be worn with soft hues like oyster eye shadows, silver eyeliners and a little shimmer lip gloss. You can wear this when you are going for a night party as this color look great.

Glitter Mascara

Glitter mascara looks great when you are going clubbing or to a pub. With just this mascara, it can add an amazing touch to your eyelashes. The glitter mascara look good with white or silver eye shadow an some lip gloss. Glitter mascara look very nice as it enhances the entire look. Make sure that you are careful when applying this mascara to avoid tiny glitter particles from getting into your eyes. This mascara looks good for a night party.