Color Changing Lipstick & Tips to Change Your Lipstick Color

Color Changing Lipstick & Tips to Change Your Lipstick Color

There are a lot of lipstick shades available in the market in different brands. Usually, when a person chooses a lipstick color, it is meant to suit the skin tone or simply to suit a certain occasion. Lipstick is one important accessory for a woman and it certainly enhances the look.

Color Changing Lipstick

Have you ever experienced that when you have bought a new lipstick, the color looks different in the tube but when you wear it is too shiny, light, dark or just matt. This certainly would disappoint you. To rectify all this, there are a number of lipstick color changers or fixers that are available. These fixers come in various formulas so that the look can be rectified. The most popular ones are darkening, matte, frost and lightening. Fixers come in four amazing colors and among this Fira Fixers are not very expensive and are simple. Another type of lipstick is the LipSense that are available in shimmer, gloss and highlighters. This product would help keep the lipstick layer intact and give a different desired appearance. 

Mood Color Changing Lipstick

Make up trends are something that keep coming back with some old and some new makeup trends. The 80s trend was very popular and has come back. When we talk about mood, lipsticks can make a big difference. There are lipstick shades and mood rings available. In chameleon lipstick colors, there are mood color lipsticks that change color. This is one of the coolest things you can wear.

These lipsticks come in various shades and can blend well. It is also very exciting to do your makeup everyday as this makes your routine interesting. Mood lipsticks are available in moisturizing packs or most often aloe is a major ingredient to keep the lips moist and soft. The mood lipsticks are not very expensive. They are suitable to be used as party wear and for young girls. It goes well with women and teens too. Some popular brands of mood color changing lipsticks are: 

  • Aloe Mood Lips 
  • Cherry Culture’s Amuse Fruit Mood Lipstick 
  • Mood Matcher Lipstick from Fran Wilson.

Some Tips to Change Your Lipstick Color:

To Darken the Lipstick

If you want to darken your lipstick, you can use a lip liner of a dark shade. Once you outline your lips, fill it completely with it. To get a dark finish use two coats of lipstick.  

To Lighten the Lipstick

Use a blotting paper and blot your lips. Use a clear gloss and apply over your lips. Another way to lighten your lipstick is to apply some foundation or a concealer as this would help you to lighten the shade.

To Neutralize the Color

One cool tip to neutralize your lipstick color is to use earthy tones of eye shadow. This has to be mixed with the base lip color. To get a smooth finish, you can use a lipstick brush so that you can mix other lipstick colors or glosses. This would certainly help you get a lovely lipstick shade.