Colitis Home Remedies

Colitis Home Remedies

Inflammation in the colon is termed as colitis. Autoimmune reactions, insufficient blood supply, and infections are some of the vital causes of colitis. Colon is a large muscular tube and slides the food which is undigested to the anus for natural elimination termed as bowel movement. It is the colon which is liable for collection of the waste products of digestion. It is located in abdominal cavity.

Functioning of Colon

Colon is divided into cecum, ascending colon, transverse, descending colon, the sigmoid, rectum and lastly the anus. Colon is made of several layers. The layer which is the outer line is called smooth muscle. It compresses the undigested food through the length of the colon. The inner layer of colon is called Mucosa which enables in consolidating the feces. An inflammation of the colon is caused in the mucosal layer which is liable for the symptoms of colitis.

Causes of Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis occurs generally due to one or several of the following reasons combining synergistically to develop disease. If you trace back your own personal health history, you'll find a mix of the following damaging occasions that singly or in combination have deteriorated the health of your gut and immune system:

  •  Antibiotic Use - Certain antibiotic medicines can trigger ulcerative colitis and the pharmaceutical information that is received with these products even clearly warns of this. 
  •  Food Based and Environmental Toxins - Processed foods, monosodium glutamate, toxins contained in skin care products, nitrites and other toxins and carcinogens, artificial flavors and sweeteners, microwaved foods, cosmetics, furniture, and the air all leads to cellular damage.
  •  Vaccination – Different types of vaccines, causes immediate damage to bacterial flora of the gut and also adversely affect the immune system for a long time.
  •  Emotional Trauma - Don't underestimate the devastating effects of abusive or traumatic emotional set backs on the body, and the gut in particular
  •  Parasites & Pathogenic Microorganisms - If your gut system is already week, tour to a foreign country or intake of tainted food/water will only be worsening the condition.
  •  Infection and other illness-  Infection or illness may cause the inflammation of the colon. Most usual causes of the colitis are - ischemic colitis, infectious colitis, and inflammatory bowel disorder, chemical and microscopic colitis.

Symptoms of Colitis

Usually based on the type of colitis the symptoms of the colitis are unearthed. Abdominal ache and diarrhea are the common symptoms. There are some other symptoms also which are as under:

  •  A continuous feeling of having bowel movement which is also termed as Tenesmus.
  •  Continuous pain 
  •  Inflammation, chills, infection and fever.
  •  Presence of blood in the bowel movement.
  •  Experience of stomach ache in waves leading to diarrhea.

Colitis Home/Natural Remedies 

There are different types of natural remedies available to cure colitis.

  •  Ideal way to check colitis is to switch over to liquid diet. Diet is the major contributor in curing colitis. Fluid diet is best for colitis because it enables the colon to rest and it does not have to work in the absence of solid food.
  •  Intake of plenty of water is necessary to cure colitis. With each diarrheal bowel movement an average person loses some amount of fluid. To maintain a balance one should have lots of fluid or this might lead to dehydration. This would also result in a person suffering from cramping and abdominal pain.
  •  Try to avoid the food which results in allergies as it is one of the vital causes which leads to colitis. Especially be careful prior to using milk and dairy products, corn, chocolate, gluten, wheat etc.
  •  In the category of potent natural antibiotic comes wild oregano oil, followed by high dose, therapeutic-grade probiotics and a diet low in sugar to ward off relapse.
  •  You may also require targeted supplements to repair the damage caused to your mucosal lining and intestinal wall which can be aloe vera, L-glutamine, N-acetyl glucosamine, slippery elm, marshmallow root, etc.


Lastly, you need to remember that natural healing is not fast. Since it is treating the virtual cause(s) of your colitis, this healing will take some time. In addition, your body will gradually clean, drug residues, and other toxins, and it all will take time.

But if you really wish to 'cure' your colitis - not just treat the symptoms, or experience short-term remissions - then obviously natural, holistic remedies are the pathway to success. Yes, it takes time. But it is worth it!