Close Set Eyes : Makeup Techniques

Close Set Eyes : Makeup Techniques

Eyes are one of the most important features of the face. Therefore, one has to take good care of them. Every person’s eyes are unique from the other. With different makeup techniques you can enhance the shape of your eyes and make them look attractive. Applying makeup is an art and doing it the right way will help you give a different look. Below are different shapes of eyes, so this would help you know in which category your eyes fall.

Different Shapes of Eyes

  • Wide-apart eyes
  • Close set eyes
  • Evenly spaced eyes
  • Small eyes
  • Almond eyes
  • Hooded eyes
  • Deep set eyes
  • Prominent eyes  

Here We Are Concentrating On Makeup Techniques For Close Set Eyes. Below Are A Few Makeup Tips That Can Help You Enhance Your Eyes.

  • Step 1- The first step is to wash your face well with a gentle face wash. Dab it dry with a soft tissue.
  • Step 2- Take a light shade of eyeliner and start applying it from the inner corner of your eyelids. The eyeliner should be even throughout the eyelid. Now apply a highlighter starting from the inner corner of your eyes.
  • Step 3- When it comes to selecting an eye shadow shade, go for a medium tone. Apply it on your eye lids gradually moving outside. It has to be applied from the lash line to the brow bone.
  • Step 4- Apply a little highlighter on your brow bone.
  • Step 5- Once done with the upper eyelid; apply a fine line of eyeliner on your lower eyelid. Now here you should be careful as you don’t want your close set eyes to look even closer. So, while applying eyeliner make sure it is thicker at the outer corner of the eyes.
  • Step 6- Apply at least two coats of mascara on the upper and lower eyelashes. Concentrate on the outer corner of the eyes. With this, the eyes would look far apart from each other.
  • Step 7- With an eyebrow pencil; darken your eyebrows again concentrating on the outward side. This will make your eyes look broader.

Tips To Apply Eye Shadow For Close Set Eyes

People who have close set eyes should go for selected shades of eye shadow. Choose light shades of eye shadow. Start by applying the lightest shade which will make the eyes appear bright and open. It should be applied from the inner corner of the eyelid to the center going towards the bowline. Here highlighter plays an important role as it makes the eyes look broader.

The medium shade will give an in-depth look to the eyes. This should be applied on the crease of the eyes and blended well. The intense color will define the shape of the eyes. Apply the darkest color on the outside corner of the eyes to make it look broad.

The above makeup tips for close set eyes will definitely make a big difference. The style of applying makeup will intensify the look and make it look attractive.